Gabby Giffords Brought To New Hampshire By....Granite State Progress. - Granite Grok

Gabby Giffords Brought To New Hampshire By….Granite State Progress.

The local New Hampshire franchise of the Minnesota based radical left wing group Progress Now is living up to its mission statement;  24/7/365 progressive activism.  First it’s Newtown victims, then it is the Bloomberg bus, and now they’ve dragged Gabby Giffords to the Granite State in the latest in their series of high-profile efforts to intimidate anyone who will listen, into allowing Washington DC to write our gun laws for us.

Funny thing about that?  DC is one of the most dangerous, crime-riddled places in America to live or visit.  New Hampshire is one of the safest.

So why would we want to let out of state funded groups like GraniteState Progress, force us to let the “experts” in DC tell us how to legislate in pursuit of low crime and homicide rates when we already have the lowest homicide rate in the country and theirs is one of the highest?  Shouldn’t they be emulating us?

Good question.

Here’s another one.  Why aren’t our New Hampshire “representatives” to congress working hard to share our success with the rest of the nation?  Answer: They are Democrats (all but one).  They are not interested in what works.  They are not interested in what keeps unemployment low, government under control, healthy outcomes high and crime and homicide low.  If they cared about those things the New Hampshire way would be part of every one of their floor speeches in congress.  They would vote like the state they came from was setting a standard instead of voting as if they were more interested in making New Hampshire more like New York, Illinois, California, Massachusetts, or Washington DC, all from the unaccountable belly of the beast in the Nation’s capital.

So ask them why?

And why are GraniteState Progress (along with the State Democrat Party) working so hard to make us more like DC and less like New Hampshire?

And why are they still lying about background checks?