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New Hampshire Democrat Women! How Do You Think Live Birth Abortions Should Be Performed?

NH Democrat women and live birth abortion

No point in beating around the bush.  Kermit Gosnell has put live birth abortion front and center and so should we.  It is a thoroughly documented fact that this is something that a number of prominent Democrat women in New Hampshire support.  Democrat leaders in the state and the Democrat party support it.  So we should explore this support to learn more about it.

It is reported that Gosnell, who performed many live birth abortions, would take the crying newborns and snip their spines to kill them.   But that is not necessarily the way every abortion doctor kills newborn babies, so we should pose the question to those in the New Hampshire Democrat party who not only support the practice but enrich their political careers because of it.

To the Democrat women in New Hampshire that support this practice…do you believe that Gosnell’s method–severing the infants spine at the neck– is the best way to kill a baby or do you prefer another?

If you prefer some other method of killing them, what is it?  We know you support it.  So speak up.

Wait.  I tell you what.  Rather than just approaching random women in the Democrat party, we could start with a list of Democrats whom we know for a fact support live birth abortion.  Would that make things easier?

This particular list comes to us from EMILY’s List. They are bragging about all the Democrat Women they have helped to elect. You might recognize a few of them as your Governor, several state Senators, a sitting US Senator, a member of Congress…

Here are the ‘women’ courtesy of EMILY’s List.  Some are listed more than once, where they were supported for multiple offices.


Jeanne Shaheen

Jeanne Shaheen

Carol Shea-Porter

(Ann Kuster)

Jacalyn Cilley

Betsi DeVries

Iris Estabrook

Martha Fuller Clark

Peggy Gilmour

Molly Kelly

Bette Lasky

Sylvia Larsen

Amanda Merrill

Deb Reynolds

Kathleen Sgambati

Maggie Wood Hassan

*The Web Site list has not been Updated recently.  Hassan is obviously the Governor now, and Ann Kuster received $10,000.00 dollars in support in 2012 and $10,554.00 from EMILY’s list in 2010. (I added her to the above list).  Carol Shea-Porter continues to receive support.  Jeanne Shaheen continues to collect money from them as well.

What are the requirements for having EMILY’s list help you get elected?

“”Formally, there are only three requirements for a candidate to earn EL’s support: The candidate must be a woman; she must be a Democrat; and she must support unrestricted access to taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand. EMILY’s List has withdrawn its support from women who vote against even the most extreme abortion positions. For instance, Mary Landrieu, the…Democratic Senator from Louisiana, lost EL’s backing when she voted in favor of a ban on partial-birth abortion.””

Simply put, you have to support killing babies, and the unrestricted taxpayer funding of the practice.  Given the fact that these Democrat women not only support the execution of newborns, they must insist that it be paid for with taxpayer money, so don’t we as taxpayers deserve to know how they would spend our money to perform the executions?

You should ask them, and keep asking until you get an answer.

While we’re asking, let us not to leave our friend Harrell “Jersey Shore” Kirstein out of the debate.  Harrell was disgusted the other day as he went on about the Republican War on Women™ and how Democrats support abortion and contraception and that this basically makes them morally superior and more concerned about the ladies.   Really?   How about the woman who was killed by her abortionist?  Where’s the spittle-spattered, outrage-filled press release about that?  How about all the women who took ill or were harmed by Kermit Gosnell?  What about all the female babies who had their spines snipped as a result of how Democrats and Democrat women in New Hampshire feel about their interpretation of ‘rights’ with regard to live birth abortion?  You might have a hard time explaining how you are all such a big defenders of “women rights” to the next generation of women who will never be because of your political obsession with killing babies.

And that is a lot of dead little girls Harrell.

I think we all deserve some clarification.  Is the potion of the New Hampshire Democrat party the same as that of all these Democrat-women leaders who represent it?  And if so, what is the parties official preference for the killing of newborns?  Does the New Hampshire State Democrat Party prefer snipping their spines or some other form of execution at birth?

It’s your policy.  You defend it with every breath.  You defend the women in your party who support it.  So let’s have that answer shall we?  How should we kill newborns?