NH .223 Day of Resistance – GraniteGrok Co-Founder, Skip Murphy

Yup, that’s me – the ordinary schlub from central New Hampsha that has happened to have shared a whole lot of his opinions on a whole lot topics since the ‘Grok’s doors opened in 2006.  Lots of posts in fact: 6,353 to be exact.  Had a leading regional radio show.  Have participated on a few forum panels.  But speaking?  Especially when an event is almost a single issue one with multiple speakers ahead you on the agenda covers most of what you wanted to say.

Hey, I’m a blogger – just wing it.  Hopefully, it was worthy of the other speakers and to the fundamental Rights that are at stake.  Because, Mr. Vice President Joe Biden, is it NOT about guns at all.  It is about who is in charge: the citizens or the Political / Government / Ruling Class.


Live Free or Die – death is not the worst of all evils

The Bigger the Government, the smaller the citizen

Which do you choose this day?

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