NH .223 Day of Resistance – NH State Rep Dan Dumaine and Diane Bitter

Continuing on the ‘Grok coverage of yesterday’s NH .223 Day of Resistance, here are two more of the speakers.  I briefly had the chance to meet NH State Rep. Dan Dumaine before the event started (but ever so briefly) and then, since he spoke before I did, found out he “borrowed” some of Joe Biden schtick I had planned on using (his turned out to be more amusing than I would have been, I have to admit), especially as he brought his own shotgun.  And what can I say about Diane Bitter – the most organized activist I have ever known!  Best complement I can give is “give her a task and then you can forget about it” as it just gets done.  And, no one can question her bona fides in her faith and activities in the Liberty & Freedom movement here in NH – she is a stalwart!


NH State Dan Dumaine                                                               Diane Bitter

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