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HB 135: Legal Eagles Will Second Guess

“It’s hard to know exactly how people develop the characters they do. There could be people from humble beginnings that turn into jerks. Some characteristics are just part of that special soul of that human being.”   —David Maraniss 

Hundreds show up to voice their opposition to House Bill 135

House Bill 135 today in Concord. Ann M. Rice is the Deputy Attorney General for the State of New Hampshire. She appeared to testify for HB 135 in an effort to roll back the “stand your ground” provision passed by the last house.  Fine. whatever…it’s to be expected. Just another example of liberals thinking we the people are too stupid to exercise sound judgment.

So here we are…citizens jam-pack the place to oppose the bill…sponsored by Steve Shurtleff, sending us back to the prior standard where we must decide whether we can safely retreat or not. Actually, it will be a county Attorney who will second-guess you.

In the wake of the Newtown Massacre there has been much dialogue about “nutty people.” Mostly passing dialogue..the kind used in demagoguery and pandering by the left in pursuit of gun control.

Here is an example of a nutty person. In 1986, residing in Port Royal South Carolina,  I lived on the Port Royal Sound across from MCRD Parris Island where I worked. On a particular mid day I had friends over and was cooking on the grill. A neighbor who was as crazy as they come, began running up and down 13th street terrorizing people with a machete.

My home was the third house in his path and he was bearing down at running speed, slashing at the air with the machete, yelling, “The witch doctor comes for heads!”  I quickly reached into my vehicle and spun around with  my  Colt .44 Magnum revolver, bringing it to bear on the Witch Doctor.  He stopped and drop the machete, and he did so without delay.  In New Hampshire,  “I would have been arrested for brandishing a firearm.”

So there is Ann M. Rice…testifying against this bill. And she was looking rather svelte, I might add. I would wager she has a fitness regimen to maintain her fit appearance. Rice is yet another example of the uber-sound bodies that will decide if we could retreat with safety or if we could not.  Those of us who have broken bodies from military service, or tough work, are left with the legal eagles deciding our fate. Ask Ward Bird how well that works.    

As for Steve Shurtleff? He is a mere sore loser. This bill is retribution for the passage of Senate Bill 88 passed in the last session.  Rep. Larry Gagne (R) Manchester posited the question regarding the use of force in Martial Arts. Shurtleff actually responded saying,

“A good defense often times consists of a good offense, just not in this case