Remembering Democrat Rule – No Taxes Means More Taxes

About That “No Tax Pledge” Candidate Hassan…
About That “No Tax Pledge” Candidate Hassan…

In 2007 New Hampshire Democrats assumed complete control of state government.  And much like the Democrat rhetoric in the current 2012 campaign, back in 2007,  their first budget,  New Hampshire’s first budget over 10 billion dollars, was billed by the Democrats as a budget that “addresses our state’s priorities without new taxes.”

Addresses our ‘State’s’ priorities.  Without new taxes.

They lied.

State government, under Democrat rule, proceeded to accumulate a massive list of new tax burdens upon the people, to finance the Democrats “political priorities” for your money.

  • Real Estate transfer tax increased from $15 per $1000 of property value to $15.60, at the time it became the highest in nation.
  • The annual registration fee for heavy trucks was increased by $200.
  • The annual Motor vehicle registration  fee was raised from $25.20 to $31.20 for cars & light trucks (25%).
  • Democrats instituted a new charge for permits to build/fill within shore-land area near a lake or pond.
  • The Cigarette tax—Increased from $.80 a pack to $1.25 cutting our competitive advantage with Massachusetts in half.
  • The Wetlands fee was Doubled–this is the per square foot fee that builders pay for a permit to create or fill in any wetlands.
  • Terrain alteration fee—Doubles fees for state inspection of development that alters the landscape.
  • Communications tax exemption repealed which would raise everyone’s phone bills.
  • Democrats included a luxury sales and use tax on motor vehicles costing $30,000 and a new tax on any item costing $10,000 or more.
  • They included an additional payroll tax on businesses with payrolls exceeding $10,000 per week
  • Their first budget would try to reinstate the inheritance tax
  • House Democrats led the charge in passing legislation which would assess $.025 per gallon tax on milk sold or transferred for retail sale in New Hampshire.
  • The wild turkey fee was increased from $5 to $15 for residents and $5 to $40 for nonresidents.
  • The nonresident fee for a moose permit was increased to $450.
  • The credit against the insurance premium tax for payments made by insurance companies to the workers compensation fund was repealed.
  • NH Democrats Added a new $25 filing fee for court proceedings.
  • The motorcycle registration fee was increased by 25%.
  • A new $25 tax would be assessed on each deed recording, not to exceed $100 per party.

This is how New Hampshire Democrats addressed the states “priorities” without new taxes.  They did it by spending your money in historic fashion and then by adding new taxes.  Regressive taxes, and plenty of them.

To a New Hampshire Democrat, No New Taxes means a pile of New Taxes.

As you consider their campaign rhetoric in 2012 you will notice that it is not much different.   They claim to be the protectors of the Middle Class.  They insist that they are looking out for our ‘Most Vulnerable.’  And they insist that we need to take care of these “priorities.”  But the only thing New Hampshire Democrats really care about is growing government, and making you pay for it.  The only priority they have is more spending, and more taxes.  They have to have a bigger government and it’s not their money so why would they care?  In 2007 they didn’t care and 2012 is no different.

But this year, as lacking in competence and leadership as the national leaders they coddle, they have decided that the fastest way to get back to spending your money is to blame the Tea party for obstructing New Hampshire’s “priorities.”

Based on this same argument from 2007 I think we can agree that the only thing the Tea party is doing is obstructing the New Hampshire Democrat parties grow government first priorities.  They want to get back into power so they get back to the business of making state government bigger; back in the business of finding myriad ways to make you pay for it whether you want it or not.

The Tea parties crime is that it is willing to stand between you and them, to keep New Hampshire Democrats from pillaging your wages and your property.  To serve as a watchdog over both parties, looking for politicians in either party who put the size of government ahead of your right to your property.  To allow you the freedom to decide for yourself what the priorities are and to maintain the means to attend to them when you feel able.

We trust you.  They trust the government.

But New Hampshire’s citizens know who needs help, where to give it, and how much.  They know what causes to support.  They know how best to care for their family and their children and their community.  They do not need Democrats or the government lording over them like monarchs, picking and choosing what “priorities” are “best” for them.

New Hampshire Democrats obviously think you are too stupid to know what the priorities are.

But Republicans and the Tea Party know you are smarter than the average Democrat.  Besides, it is your money.  You earned it.   And we believe that you should decide what your priorities are, what you and your family and your community needs first, before the state.

You don’t need a bigger, more expensive state government to do that.  You need a smaller more efficient and less intrusive one.  That is what the Tea Party wants.  We want a less intrusive government that wastes less or our money.  But no one in the leadership of the New Hampshire Democrat party believes that.   They will not tolerate any elected Democrat in their ranks who support it.  But they are more than willing to mislead you about their intentions.

Just remember back to 2007 and the budget that “addresses our state’s priorities without new taxes.”

One more point. This list of Democrat taxes only takes us to June of 2007.  It is only the beginning of how the Democrat party addressed their priorities for your money.   New Hampshire Democrats did not stop looking for ways to tax you in June of 2007, they had only just begun.