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Stingy Old People Who Are Stupid

I can only guess how Democrat State Senate candidate Lee Nyquist’s campaign manger reacted to Clint Eastwood’s speech at the Republican National Convention.  That campaign manager, Kevin Hodges, (batting coach for the New Hampshire Democrat party), had nothing kind to say about Republicans long before his invocation to beat them with a bat; particularity those who are as old as Clint Eastwood who is eighty-two.  And Eastwood’s party registration, whatever it may be, is of no consequence.  To Kevin ‘Awesome Cool Hodges’ he is probably just another one of those..

“…stingy old people who are stupid.”

That was his opinion of Republicans in the New Hampshire House back in April 2010, not long before his cool and awesome self got benched by the voters.  But he’s back, helping Democrat Lee Nyquist run on a campaign to ‘Bring Civility back to Concord,’  which is extremely humorous considering Nyquist can’t even bring civility to his own campaign.

Be that as it may, Kevin ‘Bat Boy’ Hodges is still taking pitches for Nyquist while Eastwood is eulogizing the presidency of one Barack Obama.  And with any luck, come November 2012, we’ll no longer have tolerate either of them come 2013.

Here are Mr. Eastwood’s remarks to the RNC;