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The ‘Lamb On The Dole’ Enters The District 2 Senate Race

“Even though I’m a leftist. I think the left eats its own.” —Ted Rall

“Liberal” Democrat Robert C. Lamb Jr. of Holderness has declared his candidacy for the Senate District 2 seat  now held by Jeannie Forester.

Lamb skylined himself back in February when he argued in favor of keeping Holderness in District 2 with Ashland and Plymouth, as opposed to moving it to district 3 with Moultonborough and Wolfeboro. Ashland and Plymouth? Democrat leaning…Moultonborough and Wolfeboro? not so much.

What is clear is that the dems like to carve out their own little “sure thing” as a principle that trumps reshuffling the district for equal representation. Yet, they accuse those in the present Senate body of falling in lockstep to the command of party bosses. So now the Lamb wants to go to Concord. Lamb is a rank and file party-democrat. Make no mistake about it. His candidacy presents nothing new or novel or unique. Same old tired progressive theme…

But here is a snippet of what we know about Lamb.  Robert C. Lamb Jr. garnered a much-coveted appointment to West Point. He served six years in the Army and then moved on. The majority of West Pont Grads go on to have prestigious Army careers. Not Lamb, though. Nope. He was part of that few who got the “free public education”… the free public education that you and I paid for. Lamb met his minimum requirement and left the Army to seek his own personal load of dough.  A West Point Education is estimated to cost upwards of $350,000, according to publication GAO-03-1000. In all likelihood it is much higher now…That was 2003 number.

“I had great educational opportunities,(woah…I’ll say) and we made sure our daughters did too.” Lamb told the Union Leader.  Clearly, Lamb had not just a “great” educational opportunity, but an, “awesome” educational opportunity. Let’s face it, few experiences rival a West Point Education. Whats’ more, Lamb didn’t have all those annoying student loans and financial debt most working class people are saddled with thereafter.

“Making education available and affordable is critical to our students’ and our state’s future,”  Lamb declares in the Union Leader.  Yep! we get it, Mr. Lamb. you got a freebie and the payback is that you owe it to your comrades to make sure the gravy train of endless freebies continues. And,  like so many others, without a regard or notion to the fiscal health of the state budget or the taxpayer.  Yes, a “freebie,” indeed!  Six years of contractual obligation to the Army is hardly a respectable return for such a substantial investment. “Concord needs to understand that we compete in a global marketplace.” says Lamb. But what Lamb fails to understand or observe is that socialistic altruism has never been an effective model anywhere for economic success or prosperity. In fact, the total opposite is ubiquitously self-evident and now being lived by far too many.

Lamb wastes no time right out of the box touting the Democratic party line of spending, spending, spending…against right to work….against voter ID…..against fiscal accountability for the University System of New Hampshire….Finally, he accuses Senators of voting lockstep with party bosses.

You have to admire the lefties…when they vote lockstep with party bosses, that is defined as, “an agenda for the working people.” When Republicans, however, vote the so-called, “lockstep with party bosses…” it’s just, “Voting lockstep with party bosses…”

Robert C. Lamb Jr. has his cash cows and his enduring thanks to the Granite State taxpayer will be to take more of their hard-earned money under the pretext of the rich, “Paying their fair share.”  It is all too predictable.  The Democratic party is to be commended for their consistency in finding yet another candidate to carry their leftist progressive guidon.