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NH Governor race – let’s start talking about it

This November, voters in NH are going to have a stark choice for Governor:

  • On the Left, it will be one of two extremely hard Left, Progressive, “Government-centered society” candidates: Jackie Cilley or Maggie Hassan – both who are trying to “out-Progressive” each other
  • On the Right, it will be either Ovide Lamontagne or Kevin Smith.  Both are “back to the Constitution” type folks

The former are all about growing Government, increasing intrusive laws and regulations, and making you pay for that vision.  Individual Freedom?  The ability for US to choice for ourselves?  No,  Progressivism is defined as “life is too hard for ordinary citizens – we’ll make the big decisions for you”.  Yet, those folks call folks like Kevin and Ovide “extremists” simply because they believe YOU should be in charge.

Full disclosure: we have endorsed Ovide Lamontagne for NH Governor

The latter are dubbed “extremists” because they actually believe that the Constitution (US and NH) means something and we ought to follow it in our governance in a limited Government manner and let real Society deal with life in a more  efficient manner than the Progressive State that so enthralls Cilley and Hassan.

We’re going to start contrasting the issues and who thinks what about them – and of course, we’ll let you know who is Right – and who just ought to go home…