Last I remember, NH sent both Frank Guinta and Charlie Bass to CUT THE SPENDING. - Granite Grok

Last I remember, NH sent both Frank Guinta and Charlie Bass to CUT THE SPENDING.

Low expectations for Charlie on my part – am not enthused that he has failed to meet that height challenged standard.  For Frank, however, who campaigned hard with TEA Party constituencies, the bar was higher – MUCH higher.  Sigh….Today, I get to repeat my lament: why isn’t your name among the other Conservatives that voted against spending more?  Oh, to be sure, I got both eBlasts about H.R. 4628:

  • Charlie’s: Earlier today, the House passed, on a bipartisan vote, legislation to extend the current student loan interest rate of 3.4 percent for one year.  Without Congressional action, the rate would double on July 1st, making it even more difficult for students struggling to find jobs in such a weak economy to pay back their loans.  I strongly supported this fully-offset, fiscally-responsible legislation and hope the Senate moves on it as soon as possible.
  • Frank’s: Representative Frank Guinta (R, NH-01) today voted for the passage of H.R. 4628, the Interest Rate Reduction Act.  It would extend the current 3.4 percent rate for college undergraduate recipients of Federal Direct Stafford loans.  Without congressional action, that rate will double on July 1.  The bill was approved in a 215 to 195 vote.

I note with no small irony that Obama has recently visited over 120 colleges and universities.   My response concerning this out-and-out-pander vote back at Frank’s office (NH CD-2 is not my district and I’ve given up on Bass):

So, we’re taking money from a program that most of us want to kill, for which we had no money for it in the first place, to fund a program that Obama nationalized.

Er, where am I wrong here?

BUT SKIP – IT’S A MOM AND APPLE PIE PROGRAM?  Yeah, I remember – but this is another $5.9 BILLION (the program was a preventative health program within Obamacare)  But I also remember this: our FEDERAL Govt has racked up over $5 Trillion in debt in < 4 years.  At what point is “enough” past the point where:

  • Spending on the interest payments on the debt start surpassing S.S. and Medicare / Medicaid / Defense?
  • The bond market starts shutting off the US (just as it is doing with Greece and Spain right now)

And Obama nationalized the student loan program as part of Obamacare at the last moment:

  • It’s his socialist ideologue side – government needs to control everything
  • By nationalizing it, the “profit” saved by cutting out private sector entities, and adding it into Obamacare, had the CBO scoring look like Obamacare would not be adding to the deficit

How’s either of those two things working out fer ya?  These guys just gave cover to Obama’s nationalization of a private sector industry.  The money isn’t there for that program in the first place, the “savings” aren’t there from nationalizing it, so WHERE is the money gonna come from?

Yeah – taxpayers.  Charlie, Frank – and WHO MADE UP THE BULK OF THE TEA PARTY that sent you to Congress in the first place?

Did you really think we’re this stupid not to connect the dots?   Grokster Mike reminds the rest of us that Rush already warned us that this was a Dem bomb especially made to make Republicans stupid no matter what they did.  And they did.