Its An Obama Eat Dog World Out There - Granite Grok

Its An Obama Eat Dog World Out There

Its a ‘Eat dog’ world out there! Pass the sauce, Barry…” —Rick Olson, Granite Grok, just making stuff up for lack of a salient Quote.

So the brouhaha all started over some years ago when Mittens strapped his dog Seamus’ kennel to the top of the family people transporter for a 12-hour drive. Okay…on the face of it, it seems not only bizarre, but a little tough to take. But being a hunter who makes uses of hunting dogs, I fail to see where this gets political feet. Yeah the animal rights crybabies are having a tough time with it….after all, talking animal movies, dogs with sunglasses and other such stupid nonsense has relegated us to a culture where animals are personified. How many of those idiotic paintings have we seen of dogs playing poker?  But seriously? How is this different from the traditional Hunting dog boxes?

Typical Dog Box Hunting Dog Kennel

Seamus…is an Irish Setter….a “Gun” dog…a hunting breed….The coat is moderately long, silky, and of a red or chestnut in color with an undercoat for winter weather. I have personally seen these dogs out in damp, cold 39 degree weather, plunging into a cold pond, enthusiastically and happily retrieving a hunters’ downed waterfowl. That is what they were bred for. Please! So Mittens put him in a rooftop Kennel, its not like he cooked Seamus and ate him.

Yes. in the context of dogs playing poker, sleeping on couches and beds, wearing clothes, and being a family pet…sure, I guess it’s cruel….but it is cruel for our societal sissies among us to watch, but not cruel for the dog. The dog could care less.  lets be clear about that.

But what about eating a dog? Dogs are consumed in China,Vietnam, and Korea. But that is a total societal taboo here.  And wouldn’t you know it? President Obama admits to eating dog. I cannot wait to see how the liberals defend that. You know they will….despite all their talking animal movies and, “Animals are little people in fur coats” mantras…

Taking the "First Dog" for a 'Wok'?

President Obama ate man’s best friend. Roasted on a spit and eaten like southern Barbecue. Think of it….“Hey! where is Fido?” “Shut up and eat your spare ribs”  Perhaps the Prez can invite Ingrid Newkirk, Wayne Pacelle and all the other furry liberals over for a nice Beagle Barbecue in the Rose Garden?  Perhaps a Great Dane Dinner at Camp David? Basenji stir fry, anyone?

Cooked Dog on sale in a Vietnamese Market

Anyhow, I could really go on with this but why bother? I’ve never eaten dog….But our President has…and that is a pretty big deal when one considers the cultural significance of dogs in American life. So when your throwing those stones at Mittens for his Kennel location choice, be sure and save a few for the TOTUS.