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Fraudulent Voting And Its’ Hardcore Advocacy

“Those who cast the votes decide nothing.  Those who count the votes decide everything.”—Josef Stalin

Well, at least she could spell it correctly

Pulling out all the stops, the anti-voter ID crowd showed up in Concord Tuesday to decry the passage of a law that would require citizens to prove they are who they say they are when showing up to vote. Same old tired argument. “If this law passes, people will be disenfranchised.” 

This is not true. It never has been true and saying it a thousand times won’t make it fact. The left has confabulated, bloviated and contorted every relativist argument to be mustered to date. Yet the result is always the same…reductio Ad absurdum.

Our laws require us to produce an Identification to purchase alcohol. Nobody squawks about that.  The left, however,  will predictably argue that alcohol consumption is a privilege, not a right. But under that logic, so is breathing, walking or eliminating. One can arguably live life ‘sans’ alcohol…but one cannot live life sans food or water. So if we can determine that one is a privilege and the other is not, who starves?  Who is fed?

We need to produce an identification to travel.  The left says travel is a privilege, not a right. That being the case, I suspect my right to move about freely depends on my will and ability to walk to California, versus taking an air plane, bus or train. Basically, I still have all of my basic fundamental rights to move, just not with any practicality. and what good is a right that cannot be exercised with any modicum of practicality? Am I now disenfranchised? If I am an Iraq vet missing I leg, I might say, “yes.”

There is one common thread that lingers on throughout this debate. The left never ever speaks to what might happen to our government if people were allowed to game the system. Instead they yell, “disenfranchisement” all that much louder.

Thursday’s Union Leader editorial cited a reference once made by Obama press secretary Robert Gibbs as the, “professional left,” and he went on to state how well-organized they are. I think that is a great addition to the political lexicon because the reference ranks right up there with “astroturf.”

After one deals with all the caterwauling and demagoguery over disenfranchisement, one has to finally wonder, “why such resistance to being proving who ones’ self is? Why should we let a system stand that allows people to cheat, lie and steal elections? Regardless of the extent of how much it happens here, leaving the opportunity for such mischief is unacceptable, not to mention corrupt.