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2012 NH Governor Race – Maggie Hassan calls the opposition “extremists”

A friend of mine sent me this email missive from Maggie Hassan (candidate for the Democrat nomination for NH Governor):

Dear Friend,

After watching the GOP Primary, I got tense thinking about all of the damage some of these candidates could do to progressive causes and values across the country.

That’s why we need President Obama to stand strong.

At home, progressive values face the most serious threat in years.  We need to stand strong right now as well.  Please support our campaign financially today to make sure we stand strong as Granite Staters.

If Bill O’Brien and his extremist friends control all three branches of our government there is no telling the amount of damage they could do.  Consider, they have already:

  • Overriden the Governor’s veto to allow parents to opt their child out of ANY public school class if they don’t like the material that is being taught for ANY reason
  • Tried to repeal the law that protects our environment and limits the impact of greenhouse gases across all of New England
  • Tried to repeal public employee collective bargaining rights and passed so-called “right to work” legislation.
  • Organized to repeal marriage equality.
  • Tried to repeal kindergarten and compulsory education altogether.
  • Repealed the minimum wage.
  • Cut cigarette taxes.
  • Canceled the state’s contract with Planned Parenthood for birth control.

Extremist?  Really?  Now, as I said here, I’m willing to talk with anyone, including Progressive Democrats – and be nice too!  But really – extremist? Of course I have some thoughts….

  •  Extremist to allow Parents to decide what is best for their children?  I guess that the Progressive Value is that Government knows better than Parents what is best “for the children” and reduce freedom to choose.
  • Extremist to not want to continue to tax citizens when other States are leaving the program as well?  I guess that the Progressive Value is to tax to feel good even if the actual results don’t meet perceived intentions.  After all, temps are not going up according to the Climate Change models as CO2 levels rise.
  • Extremist to not want to allow citizens the economic liberty to free choose where and under what conditions they will support their families.  I guess that the Progressive Value is everyone must be in lock step with everyone else and not be allowed to be the best they can be (and be compensated for their work ethic, talent, and motivation).
  • Extremist to not want to redefine thousands of years of culture that actually works – and trumping the Constitutional right to freedom of religious expression by a mere cultural one of sexual freedom.  But I guess the Progressive Value is to feel free to redefine the language simply for a political purpose and forced acceptance of what to many is morally wrong (but saying that makes us haters and homophobes simply because of a political disagreement).
  • Extremist to not allow local communities to decide for themselves what is best for their children?  I guess the Progressive Value is that everything has to be centrally controlled in Concord.
  • Extremist to lower the cost of labor?  I guess the Progressive Value is to ignore the fact that they continue to price entry level folks out of the marketplace (why do you think young adult unemployment, especially high schoolers trying to get started, is so high?  They simply ignore the fact that unless an employee can help to create more profit, they aren’t going to get hired.
  • Extremist to try to raise more revenues?  Admittedly, it hasn’t worked yet, but if Maggie’s concern and the Progressive Value is to cut down overall smoking, then why didn’t she have the political courage to ban tobacco when the Democrats held all the majorities?
  • Extremist to see the problem for what it is – funding an abortion mill?  I know that it is a Progressive Value that unborn children are of no value at all.  Remember, it is “Life” first, for without Life there is no “Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”.

You know, I still am willing to interview Ms. Hassan on these topics.  Heck, you know what would be better?  Get the Republican candidates together, get the Democrat candidates, grab some of the Groksters, invite some of the Blue Hampshireites, and have us a rollicking great debate!  Heck, charge a wee bit and give the proceeds to a charity.

What do you all think about it?