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While Everyone is Pissed Off at Rick Perry

Let me tell you why everyone is pissed off at Rick Perry.  I summed it up in this tweet I sent a little while ago.





The left is pissed because while almost any Republican can probably beat Obama, Perry CAN BEAT OBAMA.  The right is pissed off because a chunk of the 80-90% of Republicans they have been busting their tails to attract, the ones who were still considering who to support, just acted like Rick Perry was water in the desert.  Ron Paul supporters are pissed of because they still can’t believe we are not all smart enough to see how awesome Dr. Paul is.  (He is awesome, don’t get me wrong, but he’ll never be president.  Rand might, but not Ron.) (send hate mail to nh.steve@yahoo.com)

The establishment likes Perry better than Romney because Gardisil is less of an anchor than RomneyCare, and the Tea Party finds him a tiny bit more tolerable for several reasons, which means they’ll support him if he wins the nomination, but would still prefer someone else.  And despite being Rick Perry, and having his own baggage, he has served two important and immediate purposes regardless of his record.

First, what we always suspected is true; Romney is not the presumptive winner.  This makes almost everyone on the right happy except people who think Perry would be worse than Romney, which is hard to imagine.

Second, Romney is not the presumptive winner, not because of Rick Perry, but because most Republicans really are still looking for a candidate they can get behind and Perry is the best high-profile "not Romney" candidate to come forward.  (Meaningless straw polls aside.)

So that’s all I’m saying.  Perry’s entrance is interesting but not because it’s Rick Perry. 

We now know that there is still plenty of room for a charismatic Republican to energize primary voters.  That a real Republican or conservative could come into the race and challenge the entire field.  Someone who energizes the base and can draw broad support from the Tea-party independents, and the ‘Anyone but Romney and now Perry’ Republicans, someone who could rise to the top of the field and command the media’s attention–for good or ill, leaving all others gasping for air-time.

And only one person I can think of has the fundraising power and out of the gate influence with primary voters to pull that off.  But will she run?


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