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And this is a MASSIVELY Stupid (yes, with a capital “S”) idea, Bruce Breton

Well, it would put one thing to rest – New Hampshire as the First in The Nation (“FITN”) Primary State. Second, as I have said for years, the FITN primary really distorts the political “marketplace” as the locals start falling all agog over themselves with all of the Bright and Shiny Objects waltzing into NY.  …

And this is a MASSIVELY Stupid (yes, with a capital “S”) idea, Bruce Breton Read More »

Ayotte’s First Big Mistake?

Her endorsement of Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney stands to undo every scrap of goodwill she may have accumulated to this point but should we be surprised?

Mitt Romney: Like Having to Take Your Cousin to The Prom

If this running for president thing doesn’t pan out, Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney could probably get a gig as the new spokesman for Pork; The other white meat. And I don’t mean political pork. I’m referring to the “not Mitt” mentality that continues to surround the GOP primary process

Ron Paul Supporter – “Please pollute the GOP Primary”

I have been alarmed in the past when people have told me, back in 2008, that they liked either Obama or Ron Paul. I couldn’t figure out how they made that leap. A few years on and I’m not all that surprised anymore. They both evoke a cult like following that scares the crap out of me.

While Everyone is Pissed Off at Rick Perry

Romney is not the presumptive winner, not because of Rick Perry, but because most Republicans really are still looking for a candidate they can get behind and Perry is the best high-profile “not Romney” candidate to come forward.

Christopher Hill is Running For President

Christopher Hill is running for president. Who? Chris Hill. Chris is a gulf war fighter pilot who spent time in New Hampshire working in grass roots Republican politics. He graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 1985. I met Chris about a year and half ago, and about twelve moths ago he told me over lunch that he was fed up with the government, and was interested in running for public office. He told me he was going to run for president.

AFP New Hampshire Legislative Score Card is Out!

Americans For Prosperity has released its 2011 Score card for New Hampshire Legislators in the House, and the NH State Senate. The tally is based on eleven bills AFP focused on in 2011 and whether the New Hampshire Representative or Senator took AFP’s position.