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Palin or Perry?

This from National Review Online: NRO POLLWho is the better conservative standard-bearer? Palin       78 % Perry       22 % 38,781 votes • Previous NRO Poll Result: Next Thursday’s Winner

In Sarah Palin’s speech in Iowa today…

…she correctly diagnosed the root problem America faces as a "permanent political class" that has grown in size and power such that it’s able to plunder and steal from the productive sectors of American society at will. She’s right. See for yourself.

While Everyone is Pissed Off at Rick Perry

Romney is not the presumptive winner, not because of Rick Perry, but because most Republicans really are still looking for a candidate they can get behind and Perry is the best high-profile “not Romney” candidate to come forward.

Sarah Palin

I think she’s going to announce next month. And I think she’s going to be the one for all Republicans to support. I find her acceptable, likeable, and far more intelligent and experienced that Obama and all the Ivy League educated "smart people" he’s gathered around himself in Washington, DC. Look what we have for it. Palin …

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