Biden to Representative Giffords. “Now we’re both members of the Cracked Head Club.. You know, I had two craniotomies. For real…”~Vice President Joseph Biden


While many are expressing shock about Vice-President Biden’s recent comment to Rep Gabrielle Giffords now being a member of the “Cracked Head Club” I am one who is not shocked. I don’t think the ‘vip’ meant any disrespect at all…In fact, I would go so far as to say he meant it to be warm…to identify with Representative Giffords plight…in his own stupid way of expressing that.

Biden rightfully should get a pass on this crass comment because Stupid people cannot help themselves. Academic achievement is no hallmark of brilliance. After all, Vice-President Biden attended the Roman Catholic College Prep school Archmere Academy in Claymont Delaware. He went on to the University of Delaware in Newark where he received a BA in History and Political Science. He then graduated from University of Syracuse Law with a Juris Doctor as was later admitted to the Delaware bar. But to be sure, Biden was a slacker….And, Biden’s educational background illustrates for us the shining example of what Stupid People in America can achieve.

Joe Biden is a stupid person. If one really analyzes all his quips and flubs (and there are numerous) one can easily arrive at the conclusion that he simply cannot help himself. Stupid people are, well…“stupid.”

Perhaps the Americans with Disabilities Act can be amended for stupid people. After all, we must be more tolerant in society, shouldn’t we?  But to be truly tolerant of a stupid person, the stupid person must be a Democrat. Otherwise the Lame stream media would ostracize them and place them in the political Leper Colony, were the stupid person to be a Republican or a conservative. Such an ADA amendment would not apply to Conservatives, either. While liberals and democrats think Republicans and conservatives are stupid, stupidity is the precursor to abusing them. Just wanted to clear that up.

So, leave poor Vice-President Biden alone, I tell you! He is stupid and cannot help himself.


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