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Right To Work – “Dear State Legislator”

Good morning,
I realize most of the (Merrimack) town delegation supports right to work but as we approach the override vote I wanted to impart these remarks.  If any business but a union demanded $50.00 every month from every employee, for benefits and used some of that money to finance its mostly one-party political action funding, there would be hell to pay.  Now imagine if they had pay it or they could not work there?
Who among us would support that?
Unions are just big businesses brokering in the labor of human flesh, permitted to demand tribute for ‘benefits’ and political action.  If you do not want to pay tribute, you have to look for work someplace else.

And if you choose to work there because you must work, the political intimidation can be repressive, and even scary.  If you wish to work in peace you cannot speak your true political views.

So here we have what amounts to employment discrimination and speech intimidation, and you have to pay for that "privilege?"

Right to work is about open shops and a workers conscientious right to object to what amounts to political extortion to get or keep a job.  We would not permit it from Exxon-Mobil, or Wal-Mart, or anyone else.  Who then can condone it from any other business, even when that business is a union?


Please vote to override the Lynch Veto.

Thank you for your time.


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