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A Gun Runnning Message In a Bottle

Guns!Do you recall back when the democrat leadership and the Obama administration were priming the media pump with stories about American guns ending up in the hands of Mexican Warlords?

Little did we know then that those remarks were probably based on their knowledge of project Gunrunner–the ATF’s program of selling guns to Mexican Warlords.

ATF and Holder, and all the rest of the cranks, insist it was to track the guns to the bad guys.  But given the way democrats feel about gun rights you have to wonder if they had other motives.  "Finding" American guns in the hands of drug cartels plays right into their rhetoric.

Being who they are, that would demand that they short-stroke this ‘discovery" into expanding gun control legislation, and I’m not convinced that this was not a convenient side effect if not the entire point of the program.

So how about we round up all those ‘democrats’ and administration officials who were pimping the scandal, and see what they have to say now about what they knew and when.  They will deny knowledge, of course, which will either make them look like clueless rubes or just put them on the record so they can contradict themselves later.


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