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Great Plan Dick

Dick Durbin, Richard, Rick, Ricky, Dicky, Dickard, The Dickster Durbin is suggesting an intervention for his state of Illinois.  Apparently the tax and spender state implemented an internet sales tax on retailers.  They were thinking that it might help them with their budget problem; I guess they left Terie "Billion Dollar Deficit" Norelli in charge of spending over there as well.  So members of the New Hampshire Socialists Party (DBA-NHDP) take note.  Raising taxes in Illinois has had an impact on the state.  It is encouraging business to go elsewhere and scaring jobs away with it.

But fear not! The Dickster, Dickie Durbin (D-from my problem is your problem) has a solution.  He thinks it unfair that his basket-case-state has to tax internet sales and other states do not, so he has proposed a bill in the US Senate to tax all internet sales. 

So you see how that works?  Illinois has, lets call it a crack addiction–strictly for metaphorical purposes, so the solution is for everyone else to need crack too.  That way the troubled spouse known as "business" will have no  safe place to run to.  Better to stay with the abusive drug user you know, right?  It’s the scorched earth solution.  Illinois is falling off a cliff so Durbin’s answer is to drag the rest of us with him.

His Bill is called the "Main Street Fairness act" which is amusing because it will destroy Main Street small businesses that will not be able to absorb yet another cost increase in the inflating Obama-economy.  They will have to pass it along to you, as bloated with disposable income as you are these days, and you will take your business to the big box stores the left hates; they are more able to absorb those costs.  And in the end it will reduce commerce, cost jobs, close businesses, and reduce overall tax revenue.  So all of "main street" will be a jobless wasteland.  That’s certainly fair.

But don’t worry.  Some other socialist-democrat will come along with another tax to help offset that, until they have taxed everything into nothing. 

Great plan Dick.  I’m so glad it will never get through the House or I’d actually be worried.


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