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NH Democrats New Talking Point: Subservience To The Crown

Bow to the KingNew Hampshire democrats are exposing their own hypocrisy again.  Doesn’t take much, but this time it is over HCR 19 which reaffirms our states sovereign duty to nullify actions by the general government in defense of New Hampshire residents.  Because the Federal government gets it power from the states, this is a constitutionally correct bill but democrats don’t like it.

But they liked the idea quite a bit when their democrat governor used nullification himself.  John Lynch was more than willing to refuse the implementation of Real ID, a federal program that sought to institute a national ID card like a domestic passport.   That law is still on the books but dozens of states have nullified it, including ours.  Is Lynch about to let the feds show up and issue ID cards?  I think he’d try to prevent that.  HCR 19 just affirms an authority governor Lynch and the state legislature already claims to have.

And how about medical marijuana?  Lynch isn’t a huge fan, but there are plenty of democrats who want to pass a law allowing its use, despite the fact that this would nullify federal laws which make it illegal.   Should we round up every democrat who voted for that bill and call them extremists?  If you listen to the democrats and their party leaders, we had best do that right away.

Then there’s Thomas Jefferson.  Mr. Jefferson wrote a lot of letters, and not just to Baptists about walls of separation between church and state.  He was also a big fan of walls between states and the federal government.  He even helped write resolutions to that fact, permitting states to ignore federal laws they believed violated the constitution and subverted the states sovereign authority over the rights of their residents.  Letters.  Lots of letters.

So if Thomas Jefferson’s letters have the force of constitutional might when it suits the left, but have no force at all when it does not…?  Sounds partisan, biased, prejudicial, even discriminatory. 

The fact is that HCR19 is simply an affirmation of policies and positions democrats in New Hampshire have already taken and continue to take.  So what is more extremist?  Attacking political opponents over what you yourselves have already done, or ignoring the fact you’ve done it because it happens to fit the current ideological template?

You want to know what else is extreme?  That, Ray Buckley and the New Hampshire democrats appear willing to give your earnings, your property, your rights, your very person into the care of distant caretakers in Washington DC.  That Washington can have it, or come and take it, whenever they want.  That the democrats are wholly unwilling to separate your needs, or those of your state, from people who live in Alaska, New Mexico, Hawaii, or anywhere else.  They are saying that if a handful of bureaucrats down in Washington DC (elected or not) make a decision, no matter how ridiculous it may seem, your state has no right to question it, they must simply enforce it.  

Is that the position of New Hampshire democrats?  We are incapable of governing ourselves?  That our values and ideas have no worth if they contradict the ideas and values of Washington politicians, unelected boards or bureaus, power brokers or unelected lawyers in robes? 

Subservience to the "Crown" is the ‘new’ mantra of New Hampshire Democrats. 

Good to know.