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Wrong Way


In the long and undistinguished line of left wing rubber stamps milling about the State House like zombies, you can find Kevin Hodges of Hillsborough 7, perhaps better known as Kevin "Awesome Cool" Hodges, among the undead.  Kevin garnered a small measure of fame after an encounter with a young lady in his district who took umbrage with his casual use of vulgar language and his insults of experienced Republican legislators. 

One editorial (and this blog post) later and Kevin was destined for a followup–so here it is.

Mr. Hodges is running for the New Hampshire House again, (Hillsborough 7) because someone needs to warm that seat, and the democrats would rather it be Hodges than someone who won’t vote the way Terri Norelli tells them. But being in the House does not automatically make you qualified to serve again and in the case of Hodges it may actually be a reason not to support him at all.

I think we can all agree we need to create jobs.  While Hodges and the left were screwing around in the past 12 months raising taxes and fees,  over 16,000 residents left the New Hampshire workforce.  And while the unemployment rate appears lower, there are actually close to 11,000 fewer people employed this year than twelve months ago.  So is that why the NH business and Industry association gave Hodges a zero?


The New Hampshire Business Association mission…

.. is to promote a healthy business climate and robust economic future for New Hampshire. Through advocacy with state legislators and regulators, we shape business-friendly public policy and provide counterbalance to legislation and regulations that threaten the growth and prosperity of New Hampshire business."

Hodges = 0 on growth and prosperity and since he’s a rank and file rubber stamp vote, as Hodges goes so went the entire liberal democrat majority before him.

But can New Hampshire afford to have legislators in the House, at this time in the states economic history, who are so corrosive to business growth (that thing that creates jobs) that they get a zero?

Not so awesome cool.

I think it’s safe to say the left turn was the Wrong Way, and it’s time to take a right.