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Komrad Karol SEIU-Porter-Constitutional Threat

Carol SEIU-Porter seems to think we need government.  That the Tea Party and others do not want any government.  That there is no role for government.  And while there is a minority of people within the various facets of the movement who might agree, most of us do not because anarchy leads to oligarchy and totalitarianism.  That’s just how people are wired.

So what’s Carol’s real problem?  She has several but lets focus on the fact that based on the context of yesterdays’ CD-1 debate she has more or less admitted to being one of Jonah Goldberg’s aptly defined ‘smiley-faced’ fascists.

First and foremost she obviously isn’t listening–a natural extension of not reading.  Not reading bills.  Not reading the Constitution. She just sees government as the arbiter of all things, and assumes a distant central government is the only way to achieve them.  Everything else is lip service, and local government merely exists to dispense money and justice as decreed by the lords and ladies at court in Washington DC.  So Carol has no grasp whatsoever on the construction and maintenance of a constitutional republic where the goal is not "no government," it is limited federal government with an emphasis on local control.  So perhaps she is incapable of understanding that wanting local control does not mean wanting no government–it means you prefer to have it close at hand so that you can keep an eye on it–Washington DC is simply too far away, further for some than others.

A limited federal system allows the states to frame and define just as much or as little government as they like, and maintain the ability to change that as the make up and interests of each states residents evolve over time.  Tying it all up at the federal level denies flexibility based on different needs, resources, and other factors.  But Carol does not or cannot conceive of this difference which makes her dangerous, or stupid or both.

So yesterday’s debate is instructive and demonstrate for us the stark differences between these two candidates.  If you want more federal control and an intrusive national overlord and a the continued erosion of state and local authority you must vote for Carol SEIU-Porter.  She has made it clear that our lives cannot be free of the federal government, nor that we should want it to be, therefore we must have as much of it heaped upon us as she and Nancy Pelosi can imagine, strings attached and debt be damned.

That just makes her what I’ve been calling her off and on for a few years now–the federal governments representative to New Hampshire, not the other way around.  She is a command economy socialist and a threat to the US Constitution.