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Local Culture…of corruption?

Yogurt culture or culture of corruption?It’s not what you know it’s who you know.  And Gary Hirschberg, CEO of Stonyfield Yogurt, knows democrats.  So maybe that’s why Stonyfield Yogurt has received a $100,000.00 dollar job training grant from the state for 678 Stonyfield employees, complete with a visit from governor Lynch?  And while Hirschberg says Stonyfield is matching the grant “with another 100K, perhaps we should ask this question first.

Why is a division of a company (Stonyfield is majority owned by Dannon Yogurt whose parent is Danone) that showed international sales growth of 7.1% up to June 2010, increased it’s cash flow by almost 35% over the course of a recession, and predicts continued growth of 6%, taking taxpayer funded job training grants from our democrat governor?

Hirschberg is a long time democrat donor, Obama Supporter, Lynch supporter, and fiscal advocate of all things democrat.  Because of his successful business model Dannon pretty much leaves him alone to do what he does best—run his yogurt company—which is fantastic.  But someone needs to ask some serious questions about why in a time of deficits at every level are federal grants to the state being doled out to the company of a prominent democrat donor who—for all intents and purposes—doesn’t need the assistance?


(H/T Matt Gunderson–Reporting in the 8/19/2010 Union Leader .