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Wikileaks Revisited: How NH’s Gary Hirshberg Worked to Torpedo Bernie’s Campaign

People don’t talk about the DNC leak and John Podesta Emails enough. Not in the proper context. Yes, we get that whole smoke-screen Russian hacking narrative but that’s falling apart before our eyes. What is not falling apart because it is real and tangible are the words of Clinton Campaign and Democrat Party operatives and …

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Is UNH Using Their Letterhead To Play Politics?

A recent letter from UNH President Mark W. Huddleston, emailed to  persons associated with UNH, appears to be asking recipients to pressure (maybe engage and encourage is a better term) the New Hampshire legislature into restoring budget cuts made last session to the University system. I have no issue with “Huddleston the activist” doing that …

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Why I Need Your Tax Dollars, by Gary Hirshberg

Gary Hirshberg CE-Yo of Stonyfield Farms wants you to know what he thinks about a recent taxpayer investment in organic farming. His editorial in this mornings Union Leader goes on at great length extolling the virtues and benefits of organic farming. It will create jobs, better food, help grow the organic farms footprint and provide fresh local dairy products.
He never mentions that his fresh local dairy farm is owned by a huge multinational French conglomerate of which he is a prominent international player. (Big Dairy!)

Progressive Flatulence

So maybe the 700,000 taxpayer dollars given to UNH to advance the study of “organic farming” was not just a left wing exercise in global warming alarmist advocacy. Maybe, just maybe, it was not meant to study cow farts.

Local Culture…of corruption?

It’s not what you know it’s who you know.  And Gary Hirschberg, CEO of Stonyfield Yogurt, knows democrats.  So maybe that’s why Stonyfield Yogurt has received a $100,000.00 dollar job training grant from the state for 678 Stonyfield employees, complete with a visit from governor Lynch?  And while Hirschberg says Stonyfield is matching the grant …

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Joe Citizen

Maybe you’ve gotten an invitation from Joe Citizen on facebook.  Maybe you are enticed by the idea of re-invigorating citizenship in New Hampshire.  And maybe, just maybe, you didn’t know that the Live Free or Die Alliance (LFDA) is a product of Left wing environmental activist, and Obama supporter Gary Hirschberg and his buddies. Now …

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