Blame Congress

As we consider the economic and political situation some folks are clinging to the ‘Blame Bush’ rhetoric while others are focusing on blaming Obama.  While there is blame aplenty in varying amounts, the one consistent factor they share is the one we have the best opportunity to resove in November.

They Both shared a democrat majority legislature lead by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Given that we have three branches of government, and no president can do much of anything without their approval–though that has shifted as congress allows the executive to accumulate billion dollar slush funds and shadow cabinets–the legislature is easily the most responsible party for the current state of our nation.

In January 2007 unemployment was at 4.3% and the budget deficit was but a fraction of its current balance.  Since the democrats took over the legislature the economy has crashed, the deficit has soared into the trillions and millions have lost their jobs.   Trust in that legislature is at 11% and for good reason.  But we have a very real opportunity for a change in leadership.

By removing the democrat majority in both Houses of congress the people who have been at the wheel for two presidents and one common catastrophic failure are Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, will no longer be running congress.  But to remove them from leadership we need to remove all the complicit members of the democrat party who have championed their failure for the past four years. 

You can continue to Blame Bush.  You can continue to Blame Obama.  But if you don’t make a change in congress, where the failure began and continues to perpetuate itself, odds are good that no matter who the president is, things will continue to stagnate and more thanlikely get worse.