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NH State Rep Carol McGuire

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Do We Really Have Any Voice?

Do we really have any voice when our government no longer believes it has any constitutional obligation to actually HEAR the people’s grievances in the form of petitions and remonstrances?

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I have heard our trusted Senators and Representatives state that there is no “political will” in the general court to do what the people expect of them, to uphold the rule of law, to defend the constitution, and to protect the people’s natural rights.

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Public Officials Knew Ballot Folds Would Skew Results Months Prior To The Election …

In a stunning conclusion provided by the Windham Audit Team, it was determined that some machines were tricked by the creases in mail-in ballots to the detriment of Republican candidates. The creases resulted in overvotes that crushingly affected straight-ticket Republican ballots, in particular. We want to thank Sarah Ibanez for this Op-Ed. If you have …

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Your State Senate is Doing The Governor’s Bidding

Word on the street is that the Senate thinks Gov. Chris Sununu did nothing wrong by acting like a king for the past year, and they aren’t willing to cross him, especially because he’s “in the same party” and “so very popular.” (Insert negative exclamation!)

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Keeping Nashua Informed

Keeping Nashua Informed Mayor James Donchess   cor·rup·tion /kəˈrəpSH(ə)n/ noun 1. dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery. “the journalist who wants to expose corruption in high places” Out of the 332,355,469, with a population of, at or about, 87,555 as of the City of Nashua, Division of Public Health and …

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