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Where You Gonna Run?

Separation of powers was meant to divide the authority so that a process of checks and balances was created to protect the people from abuses of power.  This simple reality makes two things the democrats want you to believe impossible.  

John Bolton For President?

Ambassador John Bolton admits on Fox Business that he’s thinking about running for President.  No,Really. Fox News– (H/T Hot Air)

Turn Your Head And Cough

Looks like the FDA is looking to change how we get our cough syrup.  They are holding a hearing on September 14th to review their fabulous new idea–to require a doctors prescription to get the same cough remedy you currently get over the counter. You would need to go to and pay for a doctor …

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What’s With The intimidation Tactics?

This brings me to the main course of the Facebook comment, the “intimidating activists for political purposes portion.” Yes, that’s right–the video threat is not nearly as ominous as this next bit, a perennial favorite of the Giuda staff… “They are not registered with the SOS and making endorsements. Not a good position to take.”

Tony Duh-Fruscia

Anthony DiFruscia is a democrat from Massachusetts who snuck north and infiltrated the GOP.  (Not an uncommon problem for the Granite State). No one had the stones to call him out on it, and year after year he has managed to keep his seat in a Republican leaning district from which he has meddled in …

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Duh-Fruscia 2.0

Someone was kind enough to send me a sliver of NH House Rep Tony DiFrusica’s (R-INO) voting record–that part that makes his desperate clinging to the Republican party untenable. -Voted for HCR2   Endorsing the National Health Care Act  (Voted to endorse ObamaCare!)   -Voted for same-sex marriage (HB1590 & HB73)   -Voted against parental consent …

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By The Numbers

Paul Hodes is trying to restyle himself as a fiscal conservative.  As a Washington outsider.  But Washington outsiders don’t get huge campaign donations from the left wings senatorial elite Like Dan Inoyue, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer and Bob Menendez. Paul Hodes does. Fiscal conservatives don’t manage to come in 45th out of 435 in 2010 …

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Following Mahoney’s Money Part II -That Dog Just Won’t Hunt.

Americans’ for Job Security has been fined three times for disclosure violations twice, specifically for violating the Telephone Consumer Protection act. AJS paid fines of $20,000.00, $3000.00 and $500.00 on three separate occasions for disclosure violations so AJS is also willing (Like Hynes)to violate disclosure laws to get a candidate a win and simply deal with the fallout–if any–later on.