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Low Road To China

Our very own Moonbat Shea-Porter has responded to comments she made about about Chinese influence peddling, specifically that she was implying that the Chinese may have cost her re-election.

“It’s not taken out of context, it’s a lie,” Shea-Porter said. “I never said the Chinese defeated me. I never said anything of the sort.”

To Carol’s credit this is about a lie but not the one she imagines.  The real lie is the same lie she and most of her party have been selling as truth since the Supreme court ruling on Citizen United.  That this ruling changed how international contributions are handled. 

Carol believes what she has been told by Nancy Pelosi and the influence peddlers in her own party, believes it so strongly that she could never be bothered to accept that the truth was anything more than the opposition "pushing back."

The ruling did not touch regulations on foreign contributions.  And all the rules for legal contributions apply equally to all parties.  So Shea-Porter’s endless screed on special interest foreign money is the rambling of an idiot, posing as a lawmaker, who is either ignorant of the law, or so blinded by ideology as to be incapable of seeing the truth.

The real lie is the one she keeps telling and the irony is that special interests did cost her the election.  Her own.