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Notable Quote – Steve Mac Donald

by Skip March 27, 2014

On Obamacare’s illustrating of Democrat philosophy (emphasis mine): This isn’t even a law anymore.  It is lawless.  That state where there is no defining framework, no boundary, and most importantly no way for any person, business, municipality, or state to know if and to what extent it is operating in or outside the law. This […]

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It’s The Democrats IRS Now

by Ed Naile March 27, 2014

Republicans in Congress are used to letting the Democrats run things and as Democrats usually do they achieve the most political mileage they can out of positions of power. Take the IRS for instance. The Obama Regime has used this bureaucracy to keep any political opposition, in this case the TEA Party groups, from acquiring […]

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GrokSHOTS! – You Can’t Win Without Us So Your Plan Must Be To Lose?

by Steve MacDonald March 26, 2014
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When Radio host and long time Grok Friend Pete ‘Da Tech Guy’ Ingemi joins us, the talk turns to the Republican War with the Tea Party… The Establishment Went to War With The TEA Party…(78 sec) Listen to this weeks GrokTALK! here Watch for Pete’s individual segment – posted tonight at 8pm. Full Episodes of […]

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One does wonder if they can really see themselves

by Skip March 22, 2014

Neil Cavuto is not everyone’s cup of tea (I like him, TMEW does not); even though he is known as a biz reporter, he has to be up on the politics as Government has put itself into all aspects of pretty much all businesses (after all, we individuals can’t deal with companies on our own […]

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Gee, I’ve been saying this for a while…

by Skip March 17, 2014

Generally during discussions of whether the TEA Party SHOULD become a real political party and Republicans scoffing at the idea:  We may not win [as a third party] but you will certainly lose.  Well, I guess I am not the only one any longer – Rush Limbaugh today.  There’s a bunch of topics in this […]

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WMUR CloseUp – Pindell confirms it: Scott Brown doesn’t think he needs Conservatives

by Skip March 16, 2014

As Josh McElveen and James Pindell were standing outside of the Pink Cadillac Diner, Pindell confirmed what a lot of Conservatives in the NH GOP have been thinking about Scott Brown (emphasis mine): If you are on the Republican right grassroots, this is a shot right across the bow.  He is not going to back […]

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Cryans Concedes – Joe Kenney Wins Executive Council District One

by Steve MacDonald March 12, 2014
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Cryans Concedes “A few minutes ago, I left a message for Joe Kenney and wished him the best of luck on the council,” Cryans said in a written statement. “I want to thank him for running a hard-fought campaign, thank all the people who volunteered and supported either of us, and the Burton family for […]

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If it is REALLY that bad, why is the TEA Party is spreading; different names, different countries

by Skip February 16, 2014

Five years old – and ONLY five years old is the TEA Party movement.  Wildly taunted by the Left as being right wing extremists, racists, homophobes and any other adjectives or names they believe will denigrate or diminish its attraction and influence.  The Democrats are bolstered by their captive MSM who sometimes use exactly the […]

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2016 Presidential Poll – TEA Party style

by Skip February 11, 2014

Ok, ok, it’s early and this poll may mean absolutely zero for results.  But in a way, it is interesting to see WHO gets put into the mix: The poll provided 11 different matchups. From there, the support for each were totaled. Texan Cruz was at the top with 84 percent supporting his candidacy, followed […]

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“The Architect” Should Try Calling George Soros if He Needs Some Money

by Steve MacDonald February 2, 2014
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Breitbart is reporting that Karl Rove’s phalanx of Tea Party hating political projects has seen an 98% decrease in fundraising since he “officially” raised his flag against the movement. As Politico notes, though, “Rove added a third group to the network in 2013, forming the Conservative Victory Project to counterbalance the influence of Tea Party and […]

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So, you thought that the TEA Party was only a US movement?

by Skip January 27, 2014

Big Peace -”out of step” (and out of touch): While UKIP hasn’t yet mustered up any elected members of the UK Parliament, the party this week registered as Britain’s most favoured political organisation, scoring 27 percentage points ahead of the left-wing Labour Party’s 26 and the Conservative Party’s 25 percent. UKIP is also expected to […]

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Obamacare: forced Govt dependency built-in. Again.

by Skip January 6, 2014

Yet another sad story on the results of Obamacare on families.  Somewhere in here, I did a post where a single mom (grown daughter) had to buy a new policy as Obama & Sebelius decided that the healthcare policy that the Mom had was “junk”.  No, this Mom was not judged capable of picking a […]

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Just the thing to help adhere to Republican values.

by Skip January 4, 2014

Standing up straight rather than slouching is far better for your [political] posture…. (H/T:  Powerline)

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What Debbie Wasserman Schultz Has In Common With “Some Republicans”

by Steve MacDonald January 1, 2014
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This one’s a keeper. The next time some RINO starts crying about the Tea Party ask them if there is anything else that they and Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Wacko Chair of the DNC) are both committed to in 2014? Wasserman Schultz is committed to combating that Tea Party in 2014.  It’s that damn gridlock again. […]

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It is a time of choosing

by Skip January 1, 2014

More and more, I see this sentiment boiling up from those “in the movement”.  More and more, they are feeling used (“thanks for 2010, now go away) If Republicans were as concerned as they say with winning in 2014 and 2016, the GOP establishment in Washington would get out of the way and let the […]

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Income Inequality – but what about our personal choices, Mr. Obama?

by Skip December 26, 2013

President Obama has decided, along with most of the Democrats / Progressives / Socialist, that he must bring the Marxist philosophy of Class Warfare to play – but call it Income Inequality.  After all, who is against inequality of any type?  Who is not for the traditional notion of equality?  Well, those that are out […]

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Paul Ryan Revisits The Cliff

by Mike December 16, 2013
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DaTechGuy – revisionism out of DC? Or are you are making us not care?

by Skip December 13, 2013

DaTechGuy has good advice (emphasis mine, reformatted) for the Speaker of the House, given his outburst about Conservatives.  But guess what? The reason you have a majority to be speaker , are invited to Sunday shows and have your press conferences covered is because of the Tea Party that mobilized to elect that GOP majority.  […]

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The wages of the Establishment Republicans when they can’t name the threat

by Skip December 6, 2013

Let him punch you in YOUR collective noses so that you just might actually start picking on the right folks – like Ray Buckley and his pack of Left Wing  Socialists (emphasis mine, reformatted): As some idiot wrote in Rules for Radical Conservatives: So there you are, lying flat on your back on the canvas and […]

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Thanks for following us – all the way from Texas

by Skip December 3, 2013

Does this means that the eyes of Texas are upon us (twood make Grokster Susan mighty pleased)?  And, more specifically, viewed by the eyes of Senator Ted Cruz? We’re mighty pleased in any case! Thanks! You, too, can follow us @GraniteGrok and keep up with what’s on our minds!

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This sounds about right. Problem is, some Repubs are the same way

by Skip November 30, 2013

“We are above that old, dusty, old-fashioned piece of parchment…..right?  So we’ll say that we love it – but ignore it when it becomes “inconvenient”. Yet, for only insisting that Government follow its own Fundamental Law, we’re the bad guys?

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Sratch That! The DCCC Is Still Going To Do Its Part To Ruin Thanksgiving

by Steve MacDonald November 27, 2013
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Organizing for Acorn Squash is not alone this holiday season in politicizing the Holiday dinner table.  The DCCC is back with its most recent installment of the DCCC Cheat Sheet.  Emphasis on Cheat.  Why? You hate the TEA Party, so let me count the ways. Let’s face it: we all have a crazy Tea Party […]

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Harrell Kirstein, care to comment on these numbers?

by Skip November 20, 2013

Grokster Steve’s post has Harrell trying to rewrite “cold-heartedness”: The @NHGOP & @NHGOPsenate turned their back on thousands of working families today in favor of the tea party #NHpolitics — Harrell Kirstein (@HarrellKirstein) November 20, 2013 Harrell, IBD wants to edumacate you: The U.S. is hugely generous to those who can’t afford to pay for […]

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Notable Quote – The Fix: The Democrat Party is even MORE Extremist than the TEA Party

by Skip November 20, 2013

…True tea party members don’t represent a majority of the House GOP or the Senate GOP — not even close, in fact — but their influence and the party’s increasing emphasis on conservative purity have made them hold such sway that Americans see little daylight between folks like Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) and Senate Minority […]

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Are Legacy Republicans In New Hampshire Nothing But Sunshine Patriots?

by Steve MacDonald November 20, 2013
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(Originally written for Leaven For The Loaf)   The Republican 80-20 rule doesn’t apply to New Hampshire Libertarians, Conservatives, or anyone that has ever considered themselves aligned with the TEA Party.  You are with the Republican establishment or against them.  “Against them” means failing or refusing to toe any line laid before you by the […]

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The DSCC Tries To Escape the Bitter Taste of TEA

by Steve MacDonald November 15, 2013
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We know that the uACA (That’s unAffordable Care Act) has already forced millions of jobs out of existence.  With employment suffering from ObamaCare and the looming shadow of the return of the bride of the business mandate portion of the ACA next year, millions more jobs will be erased by Democrat policy.  So what does […]

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Conservative’s Beef w/Establishment GOP is NOT Over Tactics

by Scott Morales November 15, 2013
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Since just before the HealthCare.gov faceplanted just out of the starting gate, there’s been an on-going debate about the split or supposed split in the GOP, where you have the TEA Party or “hard line conservatives” on one side and the establishment or moderates on the other (for clarity, I’ll lump these two latter groups […]

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Merrimack County Republican Committee – My ‘discussion’ Part 4: “The Philosophies”

by Skip November 13, 2013

Reminder: “So, I help to elect Democrats, eh?” (thank you, Mark Sanborn).  To recap: WHY IS THE GOP / NH GOP IN TROUBLE? Let’s get to the Nitty Gritty of this “discussion”: There is a tremendous split in the Republican Party – and especially in the NH GOP. And for three extremely binary reason – […]

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Conservative Dictionary – TEA Partier

by Steve MacDonald November 9, 2013

I’ve made more than a few entries into the Demokrat Dictionary, mostly on Twitter and Facebook, but I thought it time to work the other side of that aisle. The Conservative Dictionary is meant for the Ruling Class aristocracy in the Republican Party, though it will quite often apply to any progressive regardless of what […]

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Still more evidence that the Establishment has declared war on its own

by Skip November 8, 2013

That would be the GOP going after the TEA Party – how DARE you try to remove us from our Jr. Party seats?    The Washington Examiner has the take from a 42 year Senator that has no problem in being honest as to what he will be doing upon seeing “barbarians at his gate”.  Forty-two […]

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