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NHGOP Annual Meeting: The Reports

Although not contiguous in time during the meeting, part of the requirement is for the officials (Secretary, Treasurer, the Chair and VChair, et al) to give their reports of what has happened this past year. Money in the bank is up and a lot of field work is being done.  A LOT of it!

Anyways, Part 1: Credentials Committee, Rules Committee, Secretary, Treasurer, the NH GOP Committeewoman and Committeeman reports:

Part 2: NH GOP Vice-Chair and NH GOP Chair:

From 60 town chairs to over 160??  In one year??  I have remarked that I haven’t seen as much enthusiasm on the Right since the TEA Party days (in which the Establishment GOP tacitly joined with the Democrats to quash – and promptly started losing elections as the most unanticipated result in a while. What do you think – insult those with the fervor for a constrained government like Walt Havenstein did or turn her back on them like JHo did and STILL believe you had the Mystery Oil of Winning and continue to think you’d be prevailing until the next century)???

So recruitment of committees is up and candidate recruitment is up and money is up and staff is up and allied groups are up.  What’s not to like?  NH GOP Chair Steve Stepanek said that, unlike past Chairs, he wrote a business plan to outline what the Party’s deficiencies were, what the strengths were, and then how to use the latter to fix the former while setting milestones along the way to see if the Party was “hitting the mark”.

A year of winning his position, apparently the Plan is being worked and being worked correctly. No more floundering like the previous administration.

The big benchmark, of course, will be the General Election and will all of these changes, channeling, and enthusiasm have a material effect on the races from the bottom of the ballots to the top (and note I started with bottom up and not top down – on purpose). This administration realizes that change will take a while even as the boiler driving the train is almost redlining but flipping either the Senate or the House (my bet is on the House first, Senate later – and I’m not forgetting about the Executive Council which wasn’t even a ghost of an apparition Saturday at the meeting).

I’m just hoping that if one or the other (or both) are retaken that they don’t return to the Big Squabble as the factions fall apart and that any good work goes down the drain.  It happened in Concord and it happened in DC; gave them a straight path right to get the Republican Agenda done and they ended up only producing drool down their chins.

Can’t blame that on the NH GOP – mostly.  But I hope that some Big Sticks will appear if that “straight path” appears again.

At least in Concord.

We Groksters lie in wait…