Obama Administration

Extortion 17

by Steve MacDonald February 25, 2014

This is the full presentation of the event in Hollis (2/22/14) at which Karen and Billy discuss the betrayal of Seal Team VI members in Afghanistan. (Video is back up)

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Limited Government, State sovereignty, lower spending, lower taxes, self-responsibility, Welfare State….

by Skip February 6, 2014

Jr. Partners of the Democrats.  Lesser Keepers of the Welfare State.  Politics over Principles.  “Looking out for our Own Political Asses since we lost our way back in 2000′s”.  And with the news of the tremendous expansion of the Welfare State by Chuck Morse with Democrat leader Larson, what are we in the grassroots to […]

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Notable Quote – Steve Mac Donald

by Skip November 1, 2013

On the nature of Democrat cum Socialists (empahsis mine): ..Governments are only formed to ensure mutual protection of persons and property or…to oppress people and abuse property for the benefit of a ruling class. Laura Pantelakos, the Modern Democrat Party, and the Obama Administration are all governing as the latter.  They are more interested in […]

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This “social justice” idiocy is supposed to promote “unit cohesion” – Not? Oh, that IS the point.

by Skip October 31, 2013

You know, this whole “social justice” thing is just Cultural Marxism wrapped up in Political Correctness. This is meant to do one thing and one thing only – install guilt into a vast majority of people have done nothing wrong. Sure, the colleges are full of this crap – seemingly, they can’t turn out decent […]

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An object lesson that shows why the Federal Government should stay out of local affairs.

by Skip October 27, 2013

In the middle of August (yeah, I keep doing other things), I noticed that a whole bunch of new street signage started showing up in my small neighborhood in my tiny hamlet.  They were that bright bright new color mandated by the Federal Government – not just that “it’s a new sign” bright but bright […]

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First Annual Strong NH Conference: Louisiana State Senator Elbert L. Guillory

by Skip October 14, 2013

Steve put it well on the announcement of this week’s GrokTALK! podcast: Louisiana State Senator Elbert L. Guillory (District 24) who released this video and received much national press and internet fame for his announcement this year. (The Democrat party left him, so he left the Democrat Party) So, I decided to plaigiarize it!   Good […]

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Obama may have pushed far enough (be it from incompetence or planning)

by Skip October 9, 2013

From BLACKFIVE (emphasis mine): First, it was the order to close/block memorials – expending mucho dinero to protect memorials and monuments that – generally – are never protected. This is particularly disgusting when it comes to blocking the WWII memorial where flights of WWII vets are making a first and (most likely) last pilgrimage to […]

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Data Point – Flat Lined

by Skip September 10, 2013

I disagree with the job creation number in the post (150,000 / month) needed to keep up with population expansion as the numbers I have read vary from 200,00 at a minimum up to 300,000.  But even at 150K, this ought to be a very sobering number that shows how poorly the Obama Administration has […]

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Data Point – there a reason why unemployment is so low – and it ain’t a good one

by Skip August 30, 2013

“a 34 year low” – the ONLY way that the 7.4% unemployment rate exists is because of the way it is computed.  It is this low because the unemployed, underemployed, and “have just given up” are not in this particular measure that Government normally touts.  The important number, the REALLY important one, is how many […]

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PJTV’s Trifecta – Al Qaeda is on the Run? (Part I)

by Steve MacDonald August 9, 2013

In the run up to the 2012 election, President Obama said Al Qaeda was on the run. Now, American embassies have closed throughout the Middle East. What is President Obama’s stance on Syria, Libya, Israel, Egypt, etc. Click to find out from Bill Whittle, Scott Ott and Steve Green.

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How your public servants view your money – The Fourth Quarter!

by Skip July 28, 2013

To be honest, this happens in the private sector too – end of the fiscal quarter.  The difference, however, is that the private sector is limited by that dreaded “profit motive” – which puts a lid on spending.  Public Sector – I have watched it at the local level, the country level, the State level […]

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The Zimmerman Trial Was Always About Stand Your Ground

by Steve MacDonald July 17, 2013

I started writing this as a comment to Skip’s post (here) but then realized it was too long. Stand Your Ground was never brought up at the Zimmerman trial but I think that was intentional.   It was never about Zimmerman.  It was always about Stand Your Ground and the left’s anti-gun agenda.  He’s just a […]

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Are these two things alike: Jay Carney & Obamacare, and the Iraq War and “Baghdad Bob”

by Skip July 16, 2013

It’s been a while since folks have mentioned Baghdad Bob – the Iraqi Information Minister who seemingly, during the 2003 Iraq War, wanted to be an actor (and used Kevin Bacon’s character from Animal House as a model “ALL IS WELL!”) official spokesperson in the green uniform that defended Saddam Hussein.  The funniest time was […]

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Notable Quote – Mario Loyola

by Skip July 9, 2013

On the Obama Administration continuously doing what they want instead of doing what they should be doing Constitutionally: faithfully executing the Law (emphasis mine): Well, if you combine pervasive regulation of everything with the arbitrary power to suspend whatever law you like, what you get at the end of the day is arbitrary power to […]

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Everything You Need To Know about The Claim the IRS “also” Targeted Progressive Groups

by Steve MacDonald June 27, 2013

Remember that the IRS is supposed to look at groups in the normal course of approving their non-profit status and that some percentage of them will get extra scrutiny by default.  And as the left looks around the IRS scandal Desert for cover, remember what the Inspector General has to say about it. He said […]

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And if you DO trust the Obama Administration…

by Skip June 15, 2013

(H/T: Powerline)

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Data Point – Does no one trust Obama anymore?

by Skip June 15, 2013

– 56 percent of voters believe Obama did not try to rescue the doomed garrison in Benghazi, Libya because he didn’t want to risk his re-election. – 62 percent agree that Obama’s NSA phone surveillance constitutes “an unacceptable and alarming invasion of privacy rights.” – 63 percent believe that Obama’s Justice Department seized reporter’s records […]

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Fake EPA Employee Received Awards for Ethics and Email Records Management

by Steve MacDonald June 11, 2013

High ranking members of the most transparent administration in history have already been tied to fake email addresses used to hide conversations from prying eyes and Freedom of Information act requests.  Lisa Jackson at EPA was one of them.  She used the alias Richard Windsor, a fake EPA employee, whose email address permitted Jackson to […]

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“Workplace Violence”? Nope – more like treason now for Major Hasan

by Skip June 5, 2013

This was the US Army Major Nidal Hasan that killed 13 of his fellow soldiers back in 2009.  Even as he was screaming “Allahu Ahkbar” (God is Great) – the Islamic battle cry while he was pulling the trigger in that “gun free” zone (yes, on a military base), the Obama Administration decided to be […]

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“Reward our friends and punish our enemies” – are we now in the final push in “breaking us” to Fundamentally Transform” us?

by Skip May 28, 2013

I have been scared for a while now – for our Constitutional Republic built on our Constitution and its Classical Western Liberal values (not to be confused by the very illiberal Liberals who absconded with yet another word, placing their own definition on it (like gay)).  It has been under assault for decades but from […]

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by Steve MacDonald May 28, 2013

From the X-Files Season 2 Episode 3 – Blood Scully: “Why Mulder?  Why would they intentionally create a population that destroys itelf.“ Mulder: “Fear.  It’s the oldest tool of power.  If you distract, by fear of those around you, it keeps you from seeing the actions of those above.” Scully is asking why the government […]

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Speaking of TEA Party targeting, CAN the heavily Democrat leaning IRS show “equitable conduct” in managing Obamacare?

by Skip May 27, 2013

Many think not: Will the IRS eventually give the TEA Party another huge testosterone (altho, sometimes the estrogen ladies of the TEA Party of the ones to be feared when riled) boost? Especially when it starts handing out all of the fees and fines if you DARE cross their line? Remember, while IRS bureaucrats can […]

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Blogline of the Day: Reagan brought it down in Germany – Is Obama rebuilding it here?

by Skip May 20, 2013

ABC NEWS TEAM SHADOWED BY ARMED GUARDS: Has An Iron Curtain Descended On The Cincinnati IRS Office? Does a Free Country so severely control a Free Press?  Last time I knew, no. We are often told, when we object to more Governmental intrusion, “If you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about!”.  […]

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Congressman Mike Kelly (R-PA) outlines every American’s fear of the Tyrannical IRS

by Skip May 17, 2013

Note: be sure to listen to the resounding applause he got at this Congressional hearing concerning the IRS scandal of “punish your enemies” [Obama] in presenting actual Tyranny to those groups and individuals that expressed a political thought against the ruling regime of President Obama and the Progressives he represents. Listen to the description of […]

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Press Conference: Families of Dead Seal Team Six Members

by Steve MacDonald May 10, 2013

We’ll be talking about this tomorrow on GrokTALK! – (Podcast is posted on Sunday.) Whether you listen to our dicussion or not, find some time to watch this if you can.  It is long so watch it in segments if you must.  But please try to make time to watch at least some of it.

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And They Can All Go Down Together

by Steve MacDonald May 9, 2013

We should keep track of who among our Democrat ‘friends’ comes to the aid of Hillary Clinton.  It is known that she knew it was an attack not a protest.  A terrorist attack.  It involved al Qaeda.  That there were assets in range to help.  And she did nothing.  Obama did nothing.  Unless orchestrating a […]

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White House Changes To Benghazi Talking Points Revealed

by Steve MacDonald May 3, 2013

Compiled from emails exchanged between the White House, State, and other Federal entities, The Weekly Standard reports on details compiled and released that show what the White House knew, when they knew it, and what they ended up saying.  (Image of talking points before and after on the jump). Synopsis? The first, at 4:05 p.m. […]

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National Parks Service Still Acquiring New Land Post Sequester

by Steve MacDonald May 2, 2013

Ask your congress critter why the National Parks Service and Department of the Interior are crying in their sequester boo-hoo towel while simultaneously spending even more money to expand the system and the costs required to maintain it. Sen. Tom Coburn says there’s “no shortage of potential savings,” pointing out that the department is nevertheless spending millions on […]

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Wait a sec, I thought President Blameless was the Commander-in-Chief??

by Skip April 9, 2013

From RedState: Ever notice that this administration is only lightning-fast when it comes to shifting blame when things don’t work out perfectly? They practically left a vapor trail in their zeal to anonymously accuse the US military of being responsible for our tense situation with North Korea: So, it’s the Navy’s fault that the U.S.-North […]

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Do NH Democrats Want To Pass A Law Like This One In Germany?

by Steve MacDonald March 8, 2013

With few exceptions, the progressive liberal Democrats would love to have a law just like this in New Hampshire. Homeschooling was made illegal in the country in 1938 (…) and the law has never been repealed, but rather strengthened.  In 2007, the German Supreme Court ruled that the country’s mandate that children be sent to public school […]

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