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Thank Obama and Democrats for Tax Increases

by Don January 10, 2013

Democrats have told so many lies about taxes and the fiscal cliff that they apparently felt compelled to extend, but not further reduce, the Bush tax cuts on incomes below $400,000.    After ten years of claiming that the Bush tax cuts were only for the rich (a lie), that they caused the deficit crisis […]

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The Real Fiscal Cliff…otherwise known as the Debt Cliff

by Skip January 3, 2013

(H/T: Powerline)

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Finally, Frank decides to listen.

by Skip January 2, 2013

I have been ragging on Frank Guinta since he voted to support the first Continuing Resolution that raised the debt limit (and did not stand with the Patriots who said “No” as in “no more spending” and “this  is not how we fund Government).   And then duplicated it again with the second Continuing Resolution.  And […]

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For a meager mess of porridge; so what DOES the Republican Party stand for now?

by Skip January 1, 2013

From RedState Twitter Feed: RSBooBooKitty: Blank Check Barry and his Blue Journalism Gang just knocked over the Hapless Hill Savings Bank of Other People’s Money. #RSRH Such a Happy New Year start – Senate Republicans caved into Obama’s Progressive Punish the Successful campaign.  $620 Billion more in taxes.  Only $15 Billion in reduced spending.  A […]

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Rumors- Ralph Wilson Jr. Sold Buffalo Bills to Avoid Taxes

by Steve MacDonald December 31, 2012

From Facebook. (Rumors…) A conglomeration including Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, and, very likely, Donald Trump and Bob Rich have purchased the Buffalo Bills from Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. for an unknown sum, probably in the $800Million to $1Billion range. Wilson is said to have sold based on the expectation that both estate taxes and capital […]

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Fiscal Cliff – tax time coming?

by Skip December 29, 2012

Nothing else needs to be added for this Obama tax hike: Married?  That table is after the jump:

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“Are you guys incompetent, or what?”

by Skip December 23, 2012

I hardly ever watch anything on CNBC – although after this, perhaps I should watch MarisaBartiromo more often.  After all, how cool is that for a media person to call a sitting US Senator incompetent to his face on national TV (all ratings aside, it STILL is a national TV show)?  Them be words that […]

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Cartoon(s) Of The Day – End Of The World Edition

by Mike December 21, 2012

So much fun, so little time before the world ends, we drive off the fiscal cliff, or maybe Boehner loses his gavel. The first one will soon be as much the butt of jokes as the Y2K panic, the second is looking increasingly likely, and Boehner’s snubs of fiscal conservatives may make the third event […]

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The Fiscal Cliff: I bet this really goes on

by Skip December 21, 2012

Operative Phrase: everything else except the real problem… Depressing, isn’t it? (H/T: The Blaze)

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Boffo! Boehner & Boys are really burnishing the Repub Brand!

by Skip December 18, 2012

And the Establishment wonders why the Republican approval rating in Congress is at an all time low?  And that’s with the general population – imagine what it is with HIGH-information Right of Center folks watching Boehner’s climbing a thousand foot ladder on his knees to get Obama’s and Reid’s approval?  Thus far, what has all […]

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MYTH 3: We have a “revenue” problem

by Steve MacDonald December 14, 2012

You can read Myth’s 1, 2 and 4 here should you care to; my purpose for the moment is to mug and pummel the idea that spending is not the problem and this helps illustrate that. The revenue problem refers to the notion that revenues are too low. Typically, special attention is drawn to the […]

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America! Some are saying “Let it burn!”

by Tim Condon December 11, 2012

What does that mean?

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Let Us Dine On the Rotten Fruit of Compromise With the Left

by Steve MacDonald December 11, 2012

If you ignore all the marketing and PR that surrounds the fiscal cliff and just boil it all down to the bones, what happens on January first is what Democrats wanted. Ace Gets it right Here. Remember, the deal that got us to this point was agreed to by House Republicans, Senate Democrats and signed […]

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If It Were Me, I’d Do What Obama Is Doing

by Scott Morales December 9, 2012

A cunning legerdemain is in the works, and, if it were me, I’d follow and do what Obama is doing. Think about the Fiscal Cliff/Sequestration for a moment. Faultless tax increases and faultless spending cuts, and, more importantly, among those spending cuts are juicy, delicious Defense cuts. This is a big spending Democrat’s wet dream. […]

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Merry Taxmas!

by Steve MacDonald December 6, 2012

Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is celebrating the fiscal cliff with a series of suitable Holiday Greetings. It all begins at where you can send a special holiday message to one of the Legislators on their Naughty or Nice list, or you can share one with your Facebook Friends or Twitter followers. You can learn […]

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Why I vote for going over the fiscal cliff….

by Tim Condon December 2, 2012

“Our fiscal situation is so crazy that a few analysts have begun suggesting that maybe going over the fiscal cliff is our best hope.” And here too. And yet another here.

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Mandate, Shmandate. Hello There Cliff, I’m Ready To Go

by Scott Morales November 30, 2012

It seems the Republicans in Congress, that are still there, believe they’re wearing a “We held the House this past election, and all we got was this lousy T-Shirt!” T-shirt. And the wily Dems have no problem sidling up to the newly T-shirted and complementing them on its fit and trendiness, “you look fantastic!” Who […]

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Prelude to November 2010 All Over Again?

by Steve MacDonald November 30, 2012

Charles Krauthammer brings home the bacon on the White House Fiscal Cliff Deal effort to screw Republicans for nothing in return. Synopsis- Republicans are expected to detail every cut.  Democrats can just toss out a number with no details at all.  The whole deal stinks and while Obama has nothing to fear, other elected Democrats […]

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“Just vote Republican.”

by Tim Condon October 25, 2012

Regarding the Presidential election…it’s over. There’s little question now that Obama will lose the election. Even with  the news blackout by the mainstream media, the truth is emerging: It is becoming clear that our President left Ambassador Stevens and other Benghazi consulate personnel to die in the Al Qaeda attack on September 11th. Whether it was […]

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