Let Us Dine On the Rotten Fruit of Compromise With the Left - Granite Grok

Let Us Dine On the Rotten Fruit of Compromise With the Left

Let it Burn Lets go over the Fiscal Cliff
Democrats Wanted the Fiscal Cliff. They voted for it. They signed it into Law. So Let them have their way.

If you ignore all the marketing and PR that surrounds the fiscal cliff and just boil it all down to the bones, what happens on January first is what Democrats wanted. Ace Gets it right Here.

Remember, the deal that got us to this point was agreed to by House Republicans, Senate Democrats and signed by Obama. That’s as bi-partisan as it gets. I’ve heard from squishy low information voters, Obama and the media that “bi-partisan problem solving” is the Holy Grail of politics. Well, here it is.

The Cliff is a Democrat plan. It was passed by a Democrat Senate, signed by a Democrat President, and as Ace points out, is precisely the kind of compromise the left insists Republicans engage in over and over again.

That is to say; the Republicans kneel before the Democrat narrative, fold under the constant left-wing media pressure to make a deal, and give up almost everything they believe like weary parents who know what is best but who give up trying to explain it to a child that simply does not want to listen. And while they would like to stand on principle, in the end, they give their spoiled children what they want in exchange for a few moments of peace and quiet. It is no different with neo-Democrats.

But what does that ever get them? Nothing. The child knows what buttons to push and how long they need to press them. Democrats are no different. We could give in to some lousy deal or not, but whatever happens, in short order, the left’s narrative machine will only wind back up for the next pitch and begins anew. That is where we are now. But this time we have an advantage. We are only here because Democrats brought all of us here.

It is Democrats in the Senate who have refused to pass a budget. It is Democrats in the Senate who have forced the House to repeatedly revisit hissy fit after hissy fit (also known as the continuing resolution process) for funding the federal government. It is Democrats who are protecting President Obama so that he is not forced to sign or veto anything that might put him at risk politically. It is Obama who is not leading when it comes to the entire budget process; he has no interest in executing the law that requires a budget, nor tweaking his party leaders to compromise. He has no interest in it. They have no interest in it. And these are the factors that lead to the compromise that leads to the fiscal cliff that waits for us a few weeks down the road. A road Democrats have always wanted us on, by the way.

Obama is on the record, repeatedly, for wanting to let the Bush Tax Cuts expire. So let them. The left invested all their talking heads and cashed in all your chips to get the compromise to Obama’s desk–which he signed into law. They even bragged about it afterward.

Democrats wanted the Patient Affordable Care Act. They wrote it, tweaked it, made all the deals to pass it, and are in complete control of the bureaucracy that will enforce it.  We can’t stop it or the fiscal mess it creates.

So instead of trying to find another compromise, we are only going to lose, let’s just sit back and relax. Get out the sound bites of Obama, and any of the Democrat leaders who are on record insisting that the Bush Tax cuts should be allowed to lapse.  Of those who lauded the greatness of Obama-Care and all the promises they made. Play them over and over and over. Don’t even waste your time including educational rebuttals or bullet lists of disaster scenarios that will bore voters to tears just show them that this is what the left wanted. This is what they wanted. This is how America voted.

Ace calls it ‘Let it Burn.’ Let them reap what they have sown. Let the country see what compromise begets. And every time they try to blame Republicans just quietly replay all those soundbites from Democrats who said they wanted the tax cuts to expire, all of it. That they wanted the deal that has come to pass, voted for it, made it law. This is what Democrat rule really look like. This is the rotten fruit of compromise with the left.

Yes, it may very well suck, but let’s be honest. No deal with the Democrats will make it better. And until regular voters come to realize that. Until they see how meaningless this is in relation to the spending and the deficit. Until Democrats are forced to take responsibility for what they claim is good for us, we’ll just keep sliding down the slope until our kids or theirs are reenacting the protests in Greece.

There are no Band-aids for where the progressives have brought us. We either suck it up or pass it on. I’m not a big fan of the latter.