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Finally, Frank decides to listen.

I have been ragging on Frank Guinta since he voted to support the first Continuing Resolution that raised the debt limit (and did not stand with the Patriots who said “No” as in “no more spending” and “this  is not how we fund Government).   And then duplicated it again with the second Continuing Resolution.  And then voted with the majority that gave Obama yet another $2 somethingTrillion to spend (which he blew through in a jiffy) that was the precursor to this excriable Fiscal Cliff moment (remember, this just didn’t “happen” – it was well known in advance).  We sent him there, and he spoke about, cutting spending.  Didn’t happen.  As a result, “Accountability” was the operative word.

And he wonders why he lost the election?  He “disheartened” his base because he failed to stand for the Principle he said he was for; decisions have consequences and his decision created lots of individual voter consequences.  Sorta like the Republican Party as a whole – but will they learn from it?

So, what arrives today from the Office of the Outgoing Congressman?


(Washington—January 2, 2013)  Rep. Frank Guinta (NH-01) issued the following statement regarding his vote on H.R. 8:

“From mayor of our state’s largest city to Representative of New Hampshire’s 1st District, protecting Granite State taxpayers has always been my top priority. We simply cannot afford to continue to ignore the need to address out-of-control government spending and deal with our insurmountable debt and deficits.

“Last evening, I could not support a bill that failed to include any meaningful spending cuts, increases our debt by trillions, and does nothing to promote pro-growth economic principles. Granite Staters deserved better.”

Three bills late and 2 Trillion bucks short, I’d say.  Voting no only on the way out the door?