MSNBC Doctors Video…Again

by Rick Olson

“Guns are like umbrellas, except they protect you from pain instead of rain.” —Greg Gutfeld

Bashir_Morgan_WankersWhat is it with Wankers? Why do they somehow end up here in the US? I have had the opportunity to meet many Brits now here in America and they are nothing at all like either  Piers Morgan or Martin Bashir. These two yellow journalists now represent purported “major networks.” And with them from across the pond, they bring their UK-styled socialist-progressive world views.  These elitist two think they are smarter, more enlightened than we Americans and they are not shy about sharing that. Throughout the dialogue, we see Piers Morgan berating his guests, abusing them, calling them, “stupid.” Martin Bashir is no different with his reference to “gun nuts.” But at the end of the day, their credibility wanes because they are dishonest about content and outright lie.

Yet again, we have another example where MSNBC Doctored a video as outlined by Fox News.



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  • Tim from Nashua

    So… now responding to a gun-grabber’s challenge for an answer, is heckling. Got it.
    Keep a stiff spine, Republicans, the Left never fights fair, which is exactly why we need the 2nd Amendment.

    • Chris P. Bacon

      A “gun grabber”? Sheesh….cut him some slack Tim, he just lost his son. He may not have the wisdom and deep understanding on the subject you have, or maybe he does but is a little grief stricken.

      Sure, he set himself up by asking the question, but it seems like there are plenty of good forums to answer other then that particular moment. Clear thinking and a coherent arguement will win the day before a stiff spine.

      • C. dog e. doG

        Major media free for one year and counting my blessed release. Serenity Now!
        – C. dog gingerly sidestepping his 12 step program

        • Chris P. Bacon

          It’s a good thing i don’t watch Fox. Good Lord!! That journalist in the blue has aligned the stars for me in such a way the little woman is in for a little surprise when she gets home. Wunder what church she goes to. Sign me up!!

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