Are New Hampshire Democrat’s Pushing a Mental Illness Narrative?

by Steve MacDonald

Mental illness is a moving target, but one that keeps getting bigger.  Here in New Hampshire, if you Google Mental Illness, you will discover that it is getting bigger here as well.  Mental illness is up, we are told.   More patients are going unreported or untreated.  And just in time for a Democrat Budget writing House and their spend then-tax-den mother (Governor Maggie Hassan) to ignore the delicate state of the economy, rising payroll taxes, unemployment, wage stagnation, and the cornucopia of looming federal burdens, cliffs, debt, and spending, and Obama care, to justify growing our own budget right here in the Granite State on top of all that.

Look,see!?  Mental illness.  It’s right there!  We (politicians and government) are the only ones’ who can do something about that.  We have to do something…

And didn’t the Sandy hook murderer have a mental illness?  That dove-tails very nicely with unaddressed mental illness narrative.  It’s almost too good to be true if you happen to be a pro-bureaucracy, big government, anti-gun Democrat.

(Never underestimate the “diversity” potential of a good left wing narrative.)

Of course my first thought, upon seeing the buds forming on the mental-illness narrative bush, was that this next observation was too obvious to be worth mentioning; look at all the Democrats we elected to the New Hampshire House.  Another Democrat governor.  Two Democrat Congress-critters.  Obama?  If that is not an indication of some increase in mental illness in New Hampshire what is?

Whatever the evidence, I predict that this up-tick in reporting is simply plowing the field and planting seeds so that the left can put more spending on the table in a way that makes Republicans who might normally question it…um..silent partners.

Facts and evidence will be hard to come by but grand rhetorical flourishes will be in abundance.

Let’s watch and see.


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