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Antrim Environmentalists Lose to Antrim Environmentalists – Bird Choppers are a Go!

Floating Wind farm

Green energy is the future if you have the brain of a bird but are not a bird. Smart people know wind and solar are not the answer unless the question is how do I cripple local economies and punish people by making energy more unaffordable and less reliable?

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  • Our ‘most vulnerable™’ can expect to find themselves without power when they need it most (extreme heat or cold).
  • The higher cost of energy makes everything, especially energy, more expensive which disproportionately impacts low-income folks.
  • Small business owners get the shaft so the green energy future includes fewer of them or the jobs they’d create.

And you can’t even use wind or solar without natural gas back-up which in New Hampshire is increasingly difficult to come by because you guessed it, environmentalists fight to stop necessary infrastructure to prop up over-priced wind and solar when there’s no wind or sun.

But the birds suffer first and most often at least with wind machines.

So, all in all, large Wind projects have a way of getting bogged down as various Green factions do battle. It reminds me of the Sierra Club’s objection to NH Bio-Mass or this NIMBY-esque objection to a future with energy transmission of any sort.

Antrim Wind

Antrim New Hampshire’s Green v Green throwdown has been ongoing for years (about 7 of them) but it has finally come to an end. The Bird Choppers won.

[Paul] Hardwick said he was more concerned about the impact the construction of the turbines was having on the environment, and the possibility of the wind blades harming birds, particularly considering the proximity of the dePierrefeu-Willard Pond Sanctuary. Hardwick said the state should focus on water power for its renewable energy needs, as the state is rife with waterways suitable for hydroelectric power.

“I just don’t think what they’re doing is anything that the environment is going to endure,” he said.

It won’t. And the turbines will never deliver the promised power, not in total or in their lifetime. But in exchange for the lie locals get to look at them, listen to them, and document the wildlife destruction to birds and bats. Side-effects that impact the ecosphere in other unpleasant ways. 

And now might be a good time to bitch about an easement on any view tax you might be paying.

But advocates are excited. Locals and interested parties should make a list of their names. You’ll want them on your “Christmas Card list” so when it all goes to s**t you can thank them for less than nothing.

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