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Election Offical Admits: Democrat’s Paid Him To Stuff Ballot Boxes

Vote fraud happens all the time. In New Hampshire (for example), they convince everyone to let out-of-state-tuition paying college kids cast ballots for NH Democrats. Disagreeing is vote suppression. As if the dopey bastards can’t vote by mail back home. Nope, do that here. Or, maybe, you just bribe election officials. donkey and elephant

Donkeys and Elephants and Economies, Oh, my!

The Republican Party (elephants) is stereotyped as more business-friendly. The stereotype says elephants favor a more limited size of government. They favor a smaller role of government in regulating the economy. But really, the important part is; they are in favor of regulating the economy.

Mayor Joyce Craig

Mayor Joyce Craig – Some might call these kickbacks

This was sent in by a ‘Grok reader and I stared at it in horror.  I can see a quick lunch being offered by the department…but a “banquet” and “prizes” worth thousands of dollars??? Reformatted, emphasis mine: My friend started a job working for the Manchester Cemetery maintenance department.  Two weeks ago ,he was cutting the …

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