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‘Youth’ Movement Event in Dover NH Rewarding People Who ‘VOTE’ With a Discount

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Youth MOVE National’s New Hampshire Chapter is holding a Voting event in Dover. It is yet another get out the vote thing but this one has a twist that sounds like vote-buying.

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Emphasis Mine.


The Dover Hub of NHYM is throwing a Get Out the Vote event where we will help local NH residents make their plan to vote for November! We are graciously being hosted by Chapel+Main in downtown Dover, in collaboration with Garrison City Beerworks, from 12 – 4 pm to help answer ALL your voting related questions. Community members who make their plan to vote with us will receive a discount at Chapel+Main AND Garrison City Beerworks when displaying their voting plan to their servers. Come visit us out front C+M on Sunday and we’ll help you vote and drink beer, safely!!

Masks are REQUIRED & reservations are recommended for each location


Sounds suspicious, but then, this is Dover.

We should not that there is no obvious indication that they intend to persuade you to vote a certain way, but this is geared toward college-age kids, so take that to mean whatever you Like.