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Mayor Joyce Craig – Some might call these kickbacks

Mayor Joyce Craig

This was sent in by a ‘Grok reader and I stared at it in horror.  I can see a quick lunch being offered by the department…but a “banquet” and “prizes” worth thousands of dollars??? Reformatted, emphasis mine:

My friend started a job working for the Manchester Cemetery maintenance department.  Two weeks ago ,he was cutting the grass and a city truck pulled up. The driver called him over and told him to get in ,that they were going to lunch. My friend told him he had brought his own lunch ,but the truck driver said “no,no..just get in”.  They went back to the Department garage, where there was a mini banquet set up for the workers ..not just a burger and hot dog cookout .

Mayor Joyce Craig spoke – thanking the guys for all their “hard work ” ..then the “awards ” started being given out ..brand new lawnmowers  (to bring home ) ,multiple $1000 gift certificates to name a few..

An alderman was asked about this party and he said it was all “donations ” and has been done for decades .

Note: I have asked WHICH alderman was.  Will update this when that comes back.

Where I come from, these “donations” are called kickbacks and I don’t care how long it’s been going on…it’s wrong…Kickbacks ,for those that don’t know ,are given to people responsible for approving contracts,in order to procure often inflated contracts.

In light of the recent budget cap override by Mayor Craig and the current board of Alderman, I feel the taxpayers of Manchester should be informed of this injustice.

They deserve better and I’m sure that Granite Grok will inform them.

Thank you for your service to the people of NH.

They are kickbacks – and you are right in that it doesn’t matter HOW long it’s been going on!  Why didn’t Mayor Craig, upon hearing about this, say “NO!  STOP IT!”.  It’s fine to say thanks for your work but to preside on all of this largesse?  If she was presiding, could this be considered “vote buying”?  Why didn’t she do the right thing and stop it in its tracks as soon as she was asked to speak?

Are other departments having the same “thank you”?  Seriously?

This smacks of Democrat machine politics – and do all of the 2020 Democrat Presidential Wannabees know about this?  Do they condone this behavior, given the optics that they are helping her campaign?

(H/T: Loyal ‘Grok reader)