Democrat Congressman "Chains" Himself to a Mailbox So Trump Won't "Steal It." - Granite Grok

Democrat Congressman “Chains” Himself to a Mailbox So Trump Won’t “Steal It.”

Peter DeFazio chained to a mailbox

Oregon (Orrrign, or is it Or-a Gone), probably has its fair share of responsible adults. Self-Reliant frontier-types, none of whom are represented by the pillaging pukes in Portland. Or this dope, Congressman Peter DeFazio (Oregon CD4), who symbolically chained himself to a Letterbox so Trump couldn’t “steal it.”

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Where’s his mask? Did he sanitize that thing? Do you know how many people touch those mailboxes? Funny, I should ask. Almost no one does. That’s why the postal service has been removing ‘collection boxes’ since 2009.

They call them duplicates.

If they have more than one in a particular ‘service area’ and the collection volume is low enough, they remove the extras. This way, mail carriers do not need to drive fossil-fueled vehicles back to check every “extra box” (every damn day) when they know they will have few if any letters in them.

There’s some measure of irony in that.

A Democrat congressman, based on a fake story about a phony plot, to justify a corruptible voting process, has “chained” himself to a false narrative that protects government waste your US Postal Service is actually trying to reduce.

“They’re not getting this one,” he says with a smirk.

Can anyone say ‘Poster Child’?