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Reliability of Iowa Democrat Result

Adam full of Schiff Has Bigger “Hill” to Climb

Dr. Fiona Hill is a former official with the National Security Council. She is an expert on Russia and European affairs. The media has seized on Hill’s testimony. Her prepared opening statement they portray as a direct refutation of the Republicans narrative.

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Shouldn’t a Debate Impart Information to the Audience?

We had a national debate with the Democrat candidates for president. Shouldn’t a debate impart information to the audience? Shouldn’t it be more than a chance to up the name recognition by having a moderator call your name repeatedly on national TV?

Can Barack Obama be prosecuted for bribery?

Over the past several weeks, Democrats have been trying to justify their impeachment hearings based on some allegations of a quid pro quo between President Trump and the president of Ukraine. But most Americans, reasonable Americans, understand that the hearings are nothing more than a farce, the culmination of the Democrats’ three-year-long neurotic obsession with …

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