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Common Sense Radio – Education in NH

New Hampshire House Education Committee Vice-Chair Rep. Glen Cordelli joins Paul and Marc to talk about education issues in New Hampshire, including a move to repeal NH’s Blaine Amendment (HB282). From the May 15th program. Related: Legislators Vote to Include Religious Schools in Town Tuitioning Law Note: Shared Content may not necessarily reflect the views …

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Democrats Out to Kill Charter Schools

We have just ended Joint Fiscal Committee meeting of the New Hampshire Legislature. The most controversial item was a Federal Education Grant of 46 million dollars over 5 years, for improving and adding new charter schools. The first installment to be voted on was 11 million dollars.

Teachers Unions Education Children

Joe Biden’s Promise to Defund Charter Schools

America is beginning to see a clearer picture of what Biden’s America would look like. Going to Leftist policies means less choice, and it certainly means higher taxes. We’ll pay more and get less. But we will all be the same whether we are or aren’t.