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NH COVID 12-21-20 Survival Rate

NH COVID Threat Index Update 12-21-20

The political will exerted to slow the spread has not slowed th spread. Masks don’t do it, nor does distancing or other restrictions. But, as we’ve been pointing out, that hardly matters when catching COVID19 presents little real risk of hospitalization or death for any one in the state under 70 in NH.

Why does government spending impede progress?

Why Does Government Spending Impede Progress

Why does government spending impede progress? Many people will argue incorrectly that it doesn’t. Here’s why big government is a problem in one easy lesson. What entrepreneurs and dreamers envision often faces wide ridicule. Family, friends and investors often do not share the vision or the insight. Think about this. Coming out of WWII the …

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Red Flags

“My Kingdom for Some Facts”

A couple of recent topics have puzzled me. Item 1. It has been reported that Governor Sununu vetoed HB 687. In the Laconia Daily Sun, Ms. Ramer calls it “the so-called ‘red flag’ bill” in her piece.

How Deadly is Covid?

New Hampshire Coronavirus Update

This is today’s New Hampshire coronavirus update. The first coronavirus case in New Hampshire was reported on March 2.  There have been a total of 984 cases reported and 19 deaths, according to a New York Times database: