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What George Washington and the Political Response to COVID19 Have In Common

Set free

I’m reading ‘Young Washington’ by Peter Stark. It is a history of our first President in his early twenties. George makes a lot of mistakes (didn’t we all). One of them (nearly), in 1758, follows a months-long illness he can’t shake. The reason he had so much trouble?

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I think it relates directly to a problem with the COVID-Cult mentality today.

The ambitious Virginian was having work troubles. Things were not going the way he’d hoped, no matter how hard he tried. Troop discipline issues, no gifts for British aligned Indians, the French and their Indians were raiding and killing frontier families. Not enough men and those he had were poor recruits. And his hope of a Royal Commission all but collapsed.

Every corner of his life was met with challenges in and this exhaustion culminated in his falling ill. The Virginia officer as out for months, barely able to function, and returned home to Mount Vernon, where he idled and puttered with no sign of a full recovery in part because he had to give up on the future he’d envisioned for himself.

I mentioned COVID19.

We’ve made it clear, complete with actual data from experts, including our own state COVID19 dashboard, that this virus is not the pandemic monster it continues to be made out to be, and that’s the parallel.

The political response has been one of fear, overreaction, and ignorance. People put out of work, remanded to their homes, losing jobs, livelihoods, watching their future and savings, if they had any drain away.

All because they might test positive for the flu that almost no one should fear but does.

Those at risk, the elderly, the most vulnerable, are locked away for their own protection, they are told. Those who passed had no funerals; many died alone without the comfort of family.

To quote Tom Woods in a recent email, “If I’m elderly and in a nursing home and cannot see or embrace anyone in my family, and I cannot socialize or do anything, please don’t congratulate yourself for keeping me alive. Because you’ve already killed me.”

Make no mistake; if you are very old and already ill, this thing could kill you. But if you have to live like that, aren’t you already dead? No future, no reason to keep going. That kills people too.

The combined effect of the politics, media spin, and machine noise made me think about the stress Young Washington faced when he fell ill. He was prepared to give up all his dreams and ‘retire,’ in whatever state he was in, to a slow life at home, giving up all his dreams.

Until possibility lighted upon his life.

A series of sudden circumstances, possibilities lifted his heart and with it his health. In a matter of days, he improved, and in weeks, he was back to normal. Anxious to take on the world. He set himself free and two decades later helped set America free.

The COVID-CULT offers no such promise. Even the vaccine can do no more than any flu vaccine, and I think we’ve all gotten the flu after being vaccinated – does not end Covidism’s Political demands. You will not be free.

You have to set yourself free. And for the majority of the population, that could start tomorrow.

In NH, if you are healthy and under the age of 70, you have a 98% chance of surviving if you test positive. If you are under 60, it is 99.8%. If you are under 40, you have a 99.98% of survival if you test positive. No on under 20 has died in NH from COVID, but kids are probably being hit hardest. For no reason.

Pandemic? Masks? Distancing? Curfews? They’ll never give it back; you have to take it.

We quarantine the high risk if they are willing and let everyone else live their lives and decide for themselves. Washington and the founder fought and many gave their lives to free us from less tyranny than this.

Decide for yourself. Set your self free.