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Republican Defectors

I think I made my point about Right To Work clear enough when I said this…

 A vote to sustain the Lynch Veto and permit forced unionization is a vote for the mandatory and state funding of abortion;  financing efforts to cripple or bypass our second amendment right to self defense; you are supporting state financed birth control, confiscation of property, increased taxation and broad based taxes, an expanding regulatory state and more centralized top down government, gimmick accounting, Gay marriage, genderless bathrooms,  seat belt laws, the food police, socialized medicine, restrictions on free and corporate speech, and the entire manifold of Democrat party policy wishes which those dollars will continue to support and advance as long as workers are denied the opportunity to decide if they are willing to fund these policies or not on their own.

Unfortunately for New Hampshire we’ll have to wait until next year to fix the problem of worker choice but in the mean time, we can enjoy the benefit of the roll call vote, posted on the Jump.

One point of interest: Union bought and paid for RINO Kevin Janvrin voted against Right to work. That and so much more on the jump.

House Rep Party County District Vote
Bolster, Peter  Republican Belknap 5 Nay
Brown, Julie  Republican Strafford 1 Nay
Buxton, Michael  Republican Hillsborough 24 Nay
Chirichiello, Brian  Republican Rockingham 5 Nay
Copeland, Timothy  Republican Rockingham 13 Nay
Day, Russell  Republican Hillsborough 7 Nay
Devine, James  Republican Rockingham 7 Nay
Dowling, Patricia  Republican Rockingham 5 Nay
Dwinell, Richard  Republican Cheshire 5 Nay
Emerson, Susan  Republican Cheshire 7 Nay
Hopper, Gary  Republican Hillsborough 7 Nay
Janvrin, Kevin  Republican Rockingham 14 Nay
Katsakiores, Phyllis  Republican Rockingham 5 Nay
Kidder, David  Republican Merrimack 1 Nay
Knox, J. David  Republican Carroll 4 Nay
Ladd, Rick  Republican Grafton 5 Nay
Laware, Thomas  Republican Sullivan 5 Nay
Lockwood, Priscilla  Republican Merrimack 6 Nay
McCarthy, Michael< span>  Republican Hillsborough 21 Nay
McKinney, Betsy  Republican Rockingham 3 Nay
Messier, Irene  Republican Hillsborough 17 Nay
Millham, Alida  Republican Belknap 5 Nay
Pepino, Leo  Republican Hillsborough 11 Nay
Perkins, Amy  Republican Rockingham 14 Nay
Perkins, Lawrence  Republican Rockingham 14 Nay
Pilliod, James  Republican Belknap 5 Nay
Proulx, Mark  Republican Hillsborough 15 Nay
Quandt, Marshall  Republican Rockingham 13 Nay
Quandt, Matt  Republican Rockingham 13 Nay
Remick, William  Republican Coos 2 Nay
Richardson, Herbert  Republican Coos 2 Nay
Robbins, David  Republican Hillsborough 26 Nay
Sapareto, Frank  Republican Rockingham 5 Nay
St. Cyr, Jeffrey  Republican Belknap 5 Nay
Stroud, Kathleen  Republican Hillsborough 19 Nay
Terrio, Ross  Republican Hillsborough 14 Nay
Tholl, John  Republican Coos 2 Nay
Tremblay, Marc  Republican Coos 4 Nay
Waddell, James  Republican Rockingham 15 Nay
Webb, James  Republican Rockingham 5 Nay
Welch, David  Republican Rockingham 8 Nay