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Repost: You Can’t Be A “Republican” And Vote Against Right To Work

(Originally posted September 21st, this seems like a suitable follow up to yesterdays post.  The premise?  Refusing to allow conscientious objection to union participation forces people to fund the Democrat agenda.  How can you claim to support Republican principles when you refuse to allow people the ability to opt out of paying union dues.)

You Can’t Be A Republican And Vote Against Right To Work

Supporting forced unionization is the same as supporting mandatory campaign contributions to the Unions and the Democrat party.  There is no conceivable way to separate the two.  Unions are funded by dues.  Democrats receive millions of dollars from unions to promote their agenda.  And in some cases to promote it violently.

You can’t separate the two.

A vote to sustain the Lynch Veto and permit forced unionization is a vote for the mandatory and state funding of abortion;  financing efforts to cripple or bypass our second amendment right to self defense; you are supporting state financed birth control, confiscation of property, increased taxation and broad based taxes, an expanding regulatory state and more centralized top down government, gimmick accounting, Gay marriage, genderless bathrooms,  seat belt laws, the food police, socialized medicine, restrictions on free and corporate speech, and the entire manifold of Democrat party policy wishes which those dollars will continue to support and advance as long as workers are denied the opportunity to decide if they are willing to fund these policies or not on their own

I don’t think you can claim to be a Republican and support all of that, can you?

And with all due respect, Republicans who are in a union shop who favor unions (I was in a  union for years, as was my wife), or have family in a union, that has nothing to do with this.  You should still support Right to Work and vote to override the veto.


Can unions exist if Right to Work passes?  Yes, they can.  Of course they can.  You can still be-pro union and support them if you choose.  And every worker is free to decide for themselves between the risks or benefits; is able to accept the personal responsibility that supporting the Union and the Democrat agenda entails.   It is a foundation of Republican principles that free people can make responsible choices for themsleves without coercion or nanny state mandates.  And with Right to Work there is no force.  No coercion.  No Legislative mandate of forced participation, no requirement that they help fund the Democrat party agenda or union tactics they may object to.

But there is no freedom to choose if Republicans do not override the Lynch Veto on Right to Work.  Workers will be forced to continue paying tribute to union bosses, to pay for their agenda, to fund a political party they object to.  To choose between a job and a set of ideas.

Unions are the only business that can extort money from workers to fund a political agenda.   Unions get tax exempt status, are legally permitted to use violence to in pursuit of their goals, and without much fear, and they regularly intimidate and violate the rights of others.  And they spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year to support the left wing agenda.

You cannot separate the money from the vote or the consequences of it. You cannot claim to be a Republican and Vote Against Right to Work.