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Is Pregnancy Still John Lynches “Exception” To Parental Notification?

Prior to being against parental notification, John Lynch was happy to lie to his constituents about his position.  His dishonesty is evident (when compared to his real world opposition) in this letter from Governor John Lynch, dated December 2006, to a New Hampshire resident who expressed some concerns about his honors position on Parental Notification.

Dear (redacted)

Thank you for sharing with me your thoughts on New Hampshire’s parental notification law.  I share your belief that the health and safety of New Hampshire women, no matter what their age, must be our first priority.

As Governor, and as a father, I believe parents should be involved in these important decisions.  But we must also recognize that there are cases where that is not possible-and we should not risk the health and safety of young women in those cases.

  Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.  Please do no hesitate to contact me with your ideas or if I can be of assistance.

John H. Lynch 

-emphasis mine-

(Click here to see a pdf of the actual letter)

The Teflon John assures us (12/2006) that abortion must be an option, but that parents have some right to be involved.  But the "exception" to parental notification up to this point has been pregnancy. Parents have been completely excluded from “these important decisions," by Governor Lynch and the New Hampshire Democrat Party.

But Mr. Lynch no longer has his democrat majority legislature to protect him from his own words.  And the Republican majority New Hampshire House and Senate have just passed another bill (HB 329) that meets the Governors ‘stated’ objectives.  They have passed it with veto proof majorities.

Given the facts ‘on the ground’ will pregnancy continue to be the "exception" to parental notification in John Lynches New Hampshire or have parents earned the right to have a voice in what happens to their underage daughters? 

Or will Governor Flynch cave to New Hampshire’s pro abortion Democrats, his own state party leadership, the pro-abortion gay lobby, unions, and the abortion lobby itself, all factions who prop him up with money and votes; does he dare veto the bill and contradict himself again? 

The legislature has crafted the bill you asked for.  Will you sign it, or were you lying to the parents of New Hampshire?  And if you are lying, how do you intend to hide it this time?


(Portions of this article first posted 6/25/2010

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