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The Attack Ad Told Me to Check the Facts – So I Did

I am an “undeclared” voter, in the parlance of New Hampshire’s election laws, which means I’m not registered with any political party. I get a hefty pile of political ads in the mail every day during election season, as both major parties try to win my vote. Check the facts, they urge me.

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So kids, what did we learn from Tuesday’s House Session (06/30/20)?

We learned that procedures on how the House and Senate process NH legislation can change radically and magically when a pandemic is in play.   All Constitutional, House and Senate rules were tossed aside by the Democrat Majority in their rush to process all bills.  The House and Senate Democrat Majority Leadership blamed that on the …

So kids, what did we learn from Tuesday’s House Session (06/30/20)? Read More »


Gov. Sununu Needs to Veto Every Democrat Omnibus Bill that Reaches His Desk

New Hampshire’s Democrat majority has a mess on their hands. All these crazy left-wing bills and no time for hearings, debate, or the legal, legislative process Not that they care what you think. To resolve this logjam, they are pig-piling them into “omnibus bills,” passing them on party-line vote. Gov. Sununu, needs to say no.

Cornerstone on conscience rights

Why transparency in Concord is critical now!

I needed to drop you a quick note to alert you to the crisis the impending New Hampshire legislature could create for Christians. Right now, our majority leaders in Concord are using the confusion of the COVID crisis to trample on all due process in their advancement of new bills.